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  1. Is Drais hard to get into?

    I hear it is "the" spot. How late does it get good, and is it hard for non locals to get in?
  2. Roll Call - CES, AVM, Internext Weekend

    I will be there tonight through next Tues for CES and the Affiliate Marketing Summit. I def want to go out tonight, Fri, & Sat. Any suggestions for what's good on Thur nights?
  3. Where are all the dancers?

    I could right a page long answer on this. Basically there are a few different companies that book dancers at the clubs in Miami..but they are very different from one another and all differ from NY & NJ talent. As the season begins you will see a lot more dancers...but if you need some more info you can contact me via email.
  4. This is for the HOUSEHEADS..... A trivia question!!

    That's the way love is!!!
  5. dancers-everyone please read

    I just posted a nicely organized thread for the first time and the page times out so now i am a bit irritated and have to rewrite everything. I recently moved down here from NY about 7 months ago and have been trying ot get into the dancer scene in the Miami nightclub industry. I have auditin and gotten 3 call backs from Space bit still and supposedly awaiting a schedule but this has been months in progress and i haven't heard anything. I briefly worked for hotjam and though i feel they are very talented i would not describe the company as dancers...it is more of theatrical performances. Whatever happened to hot girls/hot guys getting up there and danicng their asses off with coordinated costumes and created an atmosphere in the club??? There is very sporatic work here and there but can someone please explaoin why with so many clubs and so many great dj's...there are not steady dancers down here..or if they are i need to find out how to get involved!! Nikki Beach seems to have somewhat of the vibe im talking about on Sundays but if anyone can offer any insite or contacts i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much! Oh...and im glad i found you all because until reading these boards i havent met anyone down here that i can feel asimilates with my interest and passion for the music & dance.