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  1. Fri May 4 - Angel Alanis - New Houses Weekly In Nyc

    the countdown is on - n we all excited - hope 2 see u all thur dont 4 get 2 jump on one of the many guestlists ! peace n respect ----
  2. Haven't Been Clubbin in 4 years. COMEBACK TIME!

  3. Haven't Been Clubbin in 4 years. COMEBACK TIME!

    come back out next week n check out grand opening of NYC newest n hottest club hosted by miss high times special performances by ANGEL ALANIS C-TAG FAME n friends
  4. Fri May 4 - Angel Alanis - New Houses Weekly In Nyc

    high times host !!!!!!!! mmmmmmmmmm sweeeeeet !
  5. Who is the next JP/Boris?

    id say i can see c-tag round n round jason jollins sleepy n boo as well as deepspell from california !!!!! no doubt !!!!!
  6. Who is the next JP/Boris?

    Id have to say C-TAG or ROUND n ROUND as far as putting in the many years and respect and bangin every system and floor they perform to ! much respect n good luck to them n all others aspiring to do something positive !
  7. WTF up with AM no show?

    he is a wedding dj that got hooked up with a popular party gurl - lol no offense but ive seen -- he plays the top 40 stuff and mashes it up -- funny n entertaining for first hour but come on if any of us wanted to do this we could -- lol - i started as a wedding dj just as he did -- i just branched off to what i enjoy -- not top 40 with hip hop mixed in --- kinda funny he gets booked the way he does - but in end much respect hes got gummick n he gets booked more than lots a true talent all the power to u am n all your fans much respect just my opinion from seeing you play in la and san fran fun fun for drunk bar hoppers cool if
  8. Fri May 4 - Angel Alanis - New Houses Weekly In Nyc

    this is a must mark on the calender !!!!! pre party 2 the demf ala angel alanis and kind recordings -- thank u n a new venue ontop of all !! did i hear new soundsystem too !!!! oh yeah :getdown:
  9. kind record release tour

    kikin off live this thursday at flow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! first stop on tour featurin kazu mark verbos c-tag monro secor dunn did i mention its free befor midnight ----