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  1. dont the kids have school on monday ?
  2. JP @ Avalon Review

    i might have enjoyed it more if it wasnt 1000 degrees in there
  3. Boris or DT

    did u not read this post?
  4. What do other djs think of JP?

    I would wanna hear that mix cause thats the exact opposite way he spins... How do u get old ASOT mixes
  5. did anybody go/.? i really wanted to go but its hard to get people to come to spirit these days
  6. Ultra Reviews!!!!!!!

    ultra should have been held at randalls island ..would have been a much better party more room and not as strict with sound, time, ect.
  7. Ultra Reviews!!!!!!!

    its 745 why are u even by a computer talking about this ?
  8. Track ID Tiesto's site...

    tiesto - magikal circus
  9. does anyone know the name of the track thats playing when u sign on that site
  10. Is JP Gay???

    he is not gay i happen to know a few girls that have banged him or blew him from time to time but who knows what goes on behind closed doors
  11. Why do you think Spirit 'failed'?

    crobar should just dim the lights and definatly get a better system then everyone will be happy
  12. what good cd's are out now

    i went to satellite last week and they said they are selling all thier last cds and just selling vinyl ....sux i been buyin cds from there since it was at the old spot on 342 bowery
  13. Speaking of remember the Tunnel...

    brooklyn armory ....those were the days as far back as i can remember i always wanted to be a gangster
  14. asian invasian at roxy

    as for asians they dont bother me i have some asian friends its just the ones that come out and cant dance talk or even walk straight and smell like they havent taken a shower in 3 months
  15. asian invasian at roxy

    Good so do some more traveling and dont come back and bring all your otb hairy smelly friends with u we dont want them. i was born in america and love it here and i dont have a problem with anyone born in another country except for the people that come here and talk shit about america when u would be living in a box waiting on line for bread people who talk shit about americans are just jealous cause we run the world and are living thier dreams