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  1. I'm heading out to Vegas on the 27th of August with my sister and a friend and they like hip-hop and I like more house. They have never been to Vegas and they want to check out Rain on Sat. What can you do for the ladies. They are not drinkers but should we get a bottle to insure we get good treatment or not? Rain better on a Fri or Sat? Ice better on a Fri or Sat? What's good on Sunday? Light? Should we bottle it or line it? I want to show them a good time. They are use to NY seen. Mix music and mix crowd. They are tourist and I don't want to scare them. Help! undefined
  2. newbie

    Stop playing and give up the info!
  3. what clubs are still good out there

    Anybody now what's good for Labor Day in Vegas. Bringing the girls out for fun and sun and boys. We need to know what's good. HELP! Have to represent a good time or I'm not allowed to plan trips anymore. Is ICE good on Friday or should I stick to RAIN or STUDIO 54 for Friday and LIGHT on Saturday?
  4. newbie

    No, for real, What is a SCHMA?
  5. Hater I am not. I can appreciate a pretty girl, like April or Shandy, from the show. As far as betting your house (condo w/ mom) or your H2 (Honda Civic) is not neccessary. This is my opinion and if you don't like it, toooo bad. She is ugly and not at all representative of what is sexy or even hot. All the girls on that show, even the chick with the butter colored teeth, were more attractive than she was. You like her, good for you. Later..............
  6. Bottle service killing the scene?

    This is NYC. We are an ever growing, money hungry society, and we have to flow with it or get run over by it. As for me, my girls and I get a bottle, dance our asses off, and never regret a dime we spent. In the end, it was worth it. I don't really drink alot, but having my own space to dance is what I am paying for. I know it's a lot of money to pay to dance but my girls and I have the best times and stories to share about our bottle service nites. My girls and I will party this way until we settle down and or move to the suburbs, or die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  7. Let's be honest, top model she is not, bartender, she is not. Beast, she is. UGLY!! Her mouth is disgusting. A crackhead wanted to wash my car window in Soho and he had a better grill than her. What ever you do girl, don't open your mouth!!!!!
  8. That new club QUO

    Hey, if you guys are short two or more people for the table, I'm in.