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  1. *Post Your Ugly Mug Time*

    This one was like shooting clay pidgeons with a chain gun. The Queen Nefertiti meets gay Samurai topknot that you've twisted your dandruff flaked mane into only accentuates your bulging five-head which looks like something similar to a autistic klingon. Your face is VERY disproportioned. If I gave a retarded ADD stricken 4th grader 4 lines of coke, he could assemble a more balanced face on a Mr. Potato head doll, then what God has blessed you with. Your googley coin slot eyes are spread way too far apart and while looking at the picture, your left eyeball started to gyrate up and down like Mrs. Chokesondick from South Park. Skin tone is very uneven. Did some gay Japaneese kabuki theater reject do your makeup? Come to L.A and I'll reccomend a good stylist and have a ex gf who works in a tanning salon...the first 10 visits are on Lamas. After some serious work, you have the potential to be a 6 from the waist up since I havent seen what you got down there. Lorenzo's Hot or Not Scale: |0--1--2--3--4--xdevine--5--6--7--8--9--10|
  2. QB (the life of a thug)

    wow, I could have loads of fun with the pics on this board + that site. good find.
  3. wtf happened to cp?

    No, thats no good sir. I mean the good days. Gropeasorus reviews. Djjohnstephen VS SmokeSum. Rizzo VS Club Planet. George Acosta vs Randoms. sexybabyd taking daily verbal cumshots. My CP Hot or Not Reviews.
  4. wtf happened to cp?

    It sucks because I'm too busy working on a new Reality show, and nobody has the balls to make fun of others anymore.
  5. Post your DRUNK pics...

    The only glaring obvious fact is that the asian panda with a condom on his head would still probably be too small to fit between the chasm of a fishing dock you house between your legs-- even if he tried to head-butt you down low. But perhaps he already tried, which is why your face has assumed the slurpee-sucking formation that it has become accustomed to quicker than the salivating of pavlov's dogs.
  6. Post your DRUNK pics...

    As far as dgmodel, and his IP checks, they mean less than spragga claiming he's somewhat presentable. Perhaps you'd like my next ip to be in the hooker district in bagkok where naughtbabe gets her woodland treasure trail trimmed?
  7. Post your DRUNK pics...

    Do you think I give a rats smelly dingleberry that I make YOU ashamed? Just because I cannot process algorithms and complete a rubix cube blindfolded like your people, that does not make me uneducated. Who do you think your trying to fool here? You knock California, but are a carbon cut out of any trendy Beverly Hills broad. Overpriced garbage vintage clothing, cheap jewlery trying to pass off as real. Why is the upper portion of your face discolored from the bottom? Did you just leave a Kabuki play? Keep your jaw shut and just continue to post pictures of you and your white-washed Asian friends to entertain all the Woody Allen complex's on the board.
  8. colin farell's dick

    Thats probably a stunt cock. As I stated before my post was deleted. Every single one of you would bang him regardless of his cock size or grooming skills.
  9. Post your DRUNK pics...

    awww poor Hoggle, everything is funny until the bottle spins onto you. I honestly dont give a fuck about you, your hideous fat pan sized face, or your numerous fatty deposits. You posted a pic that looked vile, I responded. Simple.
  10. Post your DRUNK pics...

    Simple Breeding Formula + =
  11. colin farell's dick

    If my memory serves me correct your an asian. Now, arent we biting off a bit more than we can chew? To you Colin Farrel must be Lexington Steele, because all your used to is Choo's baby corn cock trying to find its way into your tight ass walnut splitting hole during his lunch break behind the China Grill.
  12. Hey "LorenzoLamas" - Gnat This!

    Holy shit! So we got grundle, pizza face, AND gnat???? What are the odds of that? While your at it trying to search every archive in Club Planet for similar nouns, and verbs you can also try catching her..
  13. Hey "LorenzoLamas" - Gnat This!

  14. Post your DRUNK pics...

    upon further review of the picture I still feel that the crossdresser is better and more feminine looking then the pigeon nose. In my opinion, if a guy is better looking then you at your own gender you have problems. I dunno, something about that Tiny Tim like nose sets me off. And those horrible eyelashes, why are they spread apart so much? She just looks like some cheap Romanian gypsy that fucked a rich stock broker.
  15. Post your DRUNK pics...

    Usual bunch of cross tooth yokels ramming their gonzo bird beaks so far up the girls labial victorian curtains that they could taste the latest creampie after drip. You guys who comment with "oooh sweetie your so pretty!! keep posting"...or "omg :bowdown:" must be pizza faced chodes who network friends on myspace.com, because nobody from my HOT or NOT panel or anyone with a smidgeon of class and confidence would consider the beasts that roam wild upon these boards good looking. Perfect example: A crossdresser and a cretin. Which is uglier you ask? Easy answer, the one with the giant parrot hook noze which could peck through marble. The one who applies eye lash liner with a mini garden rake. (Wtf are they in increments of 3 bunched up hairs?) Sad when a crosdresser looks more female then you. But never the less, all the gnats will fly out of their shitpiles and start to clap and praise that a female is posting pics...cmon guys, one night out with Lorenzo and I will show you what a woman looks like. -The Renegade