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  1. Anyone who can ID some monster tunes?

    1. I had Track 8 ID´ed correctly by a REAL spotter on technoforum.de and it´s not BBT, it´s Gusto "Headbanger". I know that for sure, as I have it in my case on 12" by now. 2. You have no clue what you´re talking about whatsoever. Go be quiet untill something usefull/true can be said by you. If you are dumb enough to ask if artists like Carl Craig, Tiefschwarz and some old Italo-tune is "straight up techno" then you need some serious education, boy.
  2. Well, I sure could use some help finding these tracks: Track 01: Christian Vogell & Jamie Lidell - [email protected] 2002 Track 02: Christian Vogel / Jamie Lidell - [email protected] 2002 Track 03: Christian Vogel / Jamie Lidell - [email protected] 2002 Track 04: Christian Vogel / Jamie Lidell - [email protected] 2002 Track 05: Christian Vogel / Jamie Lidell - [email protected] 2002 - 2 Tracks at once Track 06: Ian [email protected] 1996 Track 07: Ian [email protected] 1996 Track 08: Ian [email protected] 1996 Track 09: Carl [email protected] 2000 Armand Van Helden Vs. Fat Boy Slim 1997 - I need the name of the track which is NOT "Around The World" It´s 3-deck mixing and the track never playes for itself. A bit difficult to spot! I have track 05 and 06 IDed allready. But the rest I´ve given up upon and I really, really would like to get them on vinyl for playing out.