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  1. I started it wanted to conduct an experiment to see how loyal his fans are never had any malicious intent everything i said was just my opinion But I used the wrong words Sorry!! I will apologize to the man himself,and anyone i have offended Because of my mistake i will no longer post here Again,sorry ---
  2. dude stop talking like that queen tenaglia you seem like an intelligent guy,you very passionate as well unless you are a dj or manager or something like that dont let this stuff take over your life... ----- i'm a big fan of the scene as well. but you could be stretching it a bit ----- you are going to wake up one morning and you'll be like 35 and you will realize that you wasted the last half of your life idolizing that ass muncher queef tenaglia(no music ISNT the answer). Dt does so much tina and painkillers his face is filed with craters.
  3. hey silverbull,no offense,but do you have a life? you really should change your look as it is embarassing! act your age(or maybe you are?) b/c no one will take you seriously I am just giving you advise here,dont take it the wrong way There is more to life than all these parties you post about
  4. deep dish???

    Deep Dish is mainly miss They usually drop their best sets during their wmc yoshitoshi parties but everything around here except for wmc is
  5. my advice is not to stay at a shitty hotel go to the yoshitoshi party @ space,howells will drop a terrace set around 8 am(he has done this past few years) -- go see kleinenberg if you can,his wmc parties have been amazinf past few years -- did i mention dt? his wmc sets are the best parties of the conference -- but also check out some of the lesser known parties. you can see all of the big dj's here in ny,but you will not hear dt go off in ny like he does in wmc,you will not hear sander k go off in ny like in wmc(except for his record release party at crobar), and you need to see howells on the terrace in space -- also check out cafeteria on lincoln road. 24 hour restaurant,they will def have after hour parties come conference time
  6. After-Hours

    go to crober. but not for boris as he sucks in the prop room it will be an all female dj night jackie chrytie until like 8am and then dj cat until closing
  7. Is DT STILL ON?

    silverhomo? is he like 40 yrs old or something aka the karate kid!
  8. Who would you like to see play at Mansion?

    green day? they are gay depeche mode would be cool duran duran? blast from the past but the best band for mansion would be.....MOTLEY CRUE Tommy Lee might suck ass as a dj,but he is one of the best drummers ever The Crue rocks
  9. The new Vinyl/Arc is finally here!

    if im wrong who cares? Nice little drama on the board btw there was already a thread in there before i began mine retard
  10. Spirit and JP are no more. Made is taking over Spirit . For those of you not familiar Mike Bindra is behind Made(vinyl/twilo/etc). Spirit is the old Twilo building. It looks as if JP will not have his NYE party at Spirit,or any other party there. I am on Spirits mailing list and I received an email yesterday stating they are stopping operations there effective 12/15. There --- Also,Dt is at spirit this friday,with a NEW sound system(steve dash,he was the sound guy behind vinyl and Dt apparently creams his pants over this guy). With all of that said Spirit will be the new Vinyl/Arc,so you can expect Howells,Burrdige, and all of the parties that used to be at vinyl to now be at spirit
  11. Velvet Revolver @ Mansion...

    Motley crue has gotten back together For those of you who never have seen them live, well,they rock Lets see,Tommy Lee has stake in Rokbar,Motley Crue is back together... But Rokbar is too small(I was there on Halloween but i was hearing they might shut down) - The beach does need some live rock acts isnt everyone just sick of hip hop? I am from NY but come down to Sobe every other month and for WMC Yeah promoters should take notice and more live acts need to come down but the RIGHT acts
  12. A friend of mine suggested Rare last night(on 14 street in the meatpacking district). Sick! The place reminded me of Arc/Vinyl(very dark,dingy,and shady), and the music was banging. prog/breaks/tribal. Its a small place but the sound is top notch(like @ cielo). Had fun
  13. any info on DJ Brooke Grabow?

    does anyone know what this Miami DJ spins or what style or where?