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  1. It's Friday!

  2. crobar or pacha

    um, not on techno nights there isnt
  3. HBD Icycle

    Whoa.... how did i miss this....... denise, love of my life, happy birfday
  4. sexy at the roxy heads?

    how about mike "drug 'em and grope 'em" apothesis?
  5. XL Lounge in Newark (ironbound)
  6. you're a living, breathing joke. And i dont get why you just keep coming back for more.
  7. NYC's favorite party dj is................

    nicest guy in the world. probably the best technical mixer in the city right now.
  8. hmmm, well, you listed 3 different genres and one sub genre......dont really get how thats a sound, but whatever. Dont try to talk music with me, i was into it before you even had any pubes. And if you are into a dj whos fans think that no one can hold anything down like jp did, well, you dont deserve any respect whatsoever.
  9. Thurs night...

  10. Best DJ Choopa mix ever

    actually i prefer choptrops mixes
  11. sexy at the roxy heads?

    man, nothing compares to old cp stories. nothing.
  12. Thurs night...

  13. sexy at the roxy heads?

    who was the kid that hated bugout and had an avatar of bugout that said "gay world order"???.....lol
  14. sexy at the roxy heads?

    t0nythelover? facepaint?