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  1. whats good tonight>!?!/

    any deep, tribal, tech, - house in philly tonight. I'm down here with some friends tonight looking for something to do. I'm at an internet cafe, so let me know whats up. a;sdfilj
  2. Rave Chicks vs Club Chicks

    raver girls.... that is the ones with asses that know how to shake em.
  3. Same...thats why i've been trying to get to that Afrokenetic party on fridays for so long. That and TOTH. Both have live percussion elements i hear. Gotta make it to that!
  4. 'Footwork' at the redbull beatriders session. www.redbullbeatriders.com Go to "Faculty" then scroll till "Brian (footwork) Green" Peep out how nice his musicality is...nailing that jazz shit while still rock'n with the beat.
  5. Thats a great point. Susai and I were talking about that last night. I'm trying to come up with a winning costum! hahah watch now that we'll be going it full costums he'll play techno! Well i'll have a change of clothes in the car just in case.
  6. so what are the chances he's gonna spin sleepy time minimal again? cause man i just don't feel like being dissapointed. I mean i dig richie's style when he rocks it, but i just can't really get into minimal.
  7. werd. theres a bunch of clips up in this forum http://bb.bbboy.net/raveclickcom-viewforum?forum=10
  8. I noticed that...woops. Heres the other link i meant to post. http://www.youtube.com/watch.php?v=WfptRna5v3Y&search=rave%20dancing
  9. some girly doing body waves and what not... http://www.youtube.com/watch.php?v=fPpsMCPhxgs&search=rave%20dancing
  10. This board sucks!

    I don't think this board was ever really actually any good to begin with. Only thing that it is good for is a comprehensive list of partys and club listings. But outside of that the discussion has never been good.
  11. Attn: Silverbull

    Gotta give props to gabe for being humble bout his house knowledge and being tolerant of others who don't dig on it or know bout it like that. And props for dance'n, man thats what this is all about it is Electronic Dance Music....and its always good to be around people who like to bug out and have a good time doing it big on the floor.
  12. what's your favorite borough...

    haha no one said Staten Island.