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  1. Denny's Birthday??

    UM...when did you register...OH THAT'S RIGHT JUNE 2004..and how many posts do you have?? Way too many for someone only a member for a month or so. May I suggest therapy, whether it be group or one-on-one, to help you with your apparent addiction to this website. OR, you could always refer back to my orignal suggestion - GET A LIFE!
  2. Denny's Birthday??

    What the fuck do you care why I am asking?? Is it any of your business WHY I am asking...I THINK NOT!!! You have the audacity to question my reasons for posting when all you do is post childish and meaningless drivel about abso-fucking-lutely NOTHING!!! Dear God son, go get a LIFE!!!
  3. Denny's Birthday??

    If you don't give a shit...why bother even replying...if you don't give a shit, why do you post such RIDICULOUS nonsense...craving attention much?
  4. Denny's Birthday??

    I'm sorry but was this post labeled HEY SHITBOY DO YOU CARE WHEN DENNY'S BDAY PARTY IS??? I think not!
  5. Denny's Birthday??

    Anyone know if Denny plans on celebrating his birthday this weekend or next weekend?
  6. I usually don't chime in on such frivolous nonsense, HOWEVER, to set the record straight, Denny has always done Tempts classics for his wife Maria's bday which is this coming weekend. PS - Happy birthday Maria!
  7. Abaya on Houston St. and Avenue A on saturday nights has a DJ named Matt Tibbetts who is a really great house DJ. He has a very Junioresque style of spinning.
  8. Anyone been to a wedding where the DJ kicked ass?

    There is a DJ company out of brooklyn called Classy Sounds that IS PHENOMENAL!!!! I went to a number of weddings where they supplied to entertainment and had a BLAST - and from there I booked them for my own wedding!!!! They played ONLY what I wanted to play, didin't deviate at ALL!!! They were reasonable in price and provided a great fun club style atmosphere!!! I paid a little bit more for a additional light tresses and lasers - which was so much fun! The dance floor was crowded all the time!! 4 other people at my wedding booked them immediately following my wedding! The played all the great classic house songs and I didn't need to supply them with one song - they had it all!!!! Best of luck and hope this helps!
  9. Bringing back the club kids!!!

    FYI - Larry T hosted the Hot Body contest...Kenny Kenny was the door person. TO the originator of this thread - The days of Michael, James, Junky johnathon, Tobel, Jackie, Freez, lil Erik, Cousin Dave, Jennitalia, Karlin, Charmaine, Chloe, Chanel, etc...are long gone. They were fun while they were here - the city was much different then. To try and restore THAT time would be IMPOSSIBLE. I commend you for trying to stimulate the scene, but do something original not something that has been done before. That would be a disgrace to the memory of what once was.
  10. Goin to Crobar tonight for Timo...

    email [email protected] he's a host and has the mezzanine section for his guests. Ask for Eric Oretense's list at the door. Email him before 8PM, no more than +3, and don't show up with all guys - the door people get annoyed. FYI - I don't work for him, with him, or have any association with the club...just know him well. have a great night.
  11. deep dish guestlist???

    i actually don't do a list anywhere....but a VERY CLOSE friend of mine is hosting tonight's party and has a list...if you email him you will be on it but I believe its only for friday night parties...don't know anyone for saturdays...sorry. have fun though - that place is unbelievable...i have a great time every time i'm there!
  12. deep dish guestlist???

    stop lying..there is a list...email [email protected] by 8PM tonight if you would like to be on it