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    I am married to a very wonderful man. I just had my first child, a beautiful baby girl. I am a stay at home mom, because my husband brings home $34 an hour. We have a wonderful life, thanks to God.
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    Casino, traveling, and many others.
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  1. Oxycontin

    JTK4, You said taking percocet helps you regulate what you take? If your smart about taking oxy's, you can regulate them also. What is the difference in taking two 10/325 percocets or taking one 20mg oxy. There is no difference. So I still think it is silly when people act like they are so different. THERE NOT!!!!!!! I was diagnosed with MS, and I get both percocet and oxy prescribed to me for my pain, i know all about the meds, so please do not try to explain to me the difference in the meds, because there isnt any except for the tylenol.
  2. Oxycontin

    For all you people that keep saying that you would rather have percocet then oxy's, you are totally ate up. It is the same thing you idiots. The only difference is that percocet has tylenol in it. They are both made of oxycodone, so how does it make any sense when you say that oxy makes you sick and percocet doesnt . Is that tylenol giving you an extra buzz or something, and making you feel completly different? Doubt it!!!!!!!! Try to make sense the next time you post a message like that.