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    I liked it the first few times I went, but I think its because they were special events (One was Nelly's apple bottom party) and the drinks were free. The last time I went it was pretty boring, the dance floor was so packed you couldn't dance without being violated, and when we were walking around some guy burned my arm with his cigarette. That catapulted it into the "this place sucks" category, and I haven't been back since.
  2. this basically right, right?

    You're absolutely right.

    And that's why its a major sausage fest.
  4. new Eclipse

    Not really impressed either- they tried to bring back the swoopy-ness (like that word, huh? )of the 2nd gen, but you can tell they very obviously restyled it to appeal to the market it was intended for- the 40-smomethings.
  5. this basically right, right?

    Actually FWD can be pretty effective. Compared to AWD, you'd be able to push more HP because of less power loss through the drive train, and with the right suspension it can be pretty kick ass on the track. I agree that no real sports car is FWD, but it deserves a little more credit than being designated only for economy cars. Example: Eclipse GS-T, with neutral suspension. You'd be surprised.

    I'm so sorry it was that bad!! I know what you mean about the cocky guys, they are encouraged to be that way even though they really aren't jerks. If I didn't know them, I would hate them too!! I don't know why those models wouldn't have gotten in, though, they usually cater to pretty girls. Hell, my friends and I always get in for free, no problem, and we're not models (Well, I'm a shoe model, but practically every small girl in vegas is a shoe model). Hope you have more fun somewhere else next time!
  7. Anyone know the hot spots Feb 5-8?

    I've been wanting to try Ra for a long time, but my friends that still live there (I moved away) refuse to go back after being there twice. I keep trying to convince them, to no avail. Is Pure new? Never heard of it.
  8. Hey, I'll be back in town for the WSA shoe show Feb. 5-8. I usually hear about the fun stuff ahead of time, but haven't heard anything this year. Anyone know anything? My main night to go out is Monday night. Usual hangouts are Light and Rain because I have hookups, but I'm looking for something new, where I won't have to stand in line long or be totally smothered by the egotistical sausage party. Besides light and rain, I've been to the Beach, Seven, Bikini's, Ghostbar, Rio, Caramel, Tangerine, Whiskey Sky...anything new? Haven't tried Ice yet, is it worth it? Thanks for any and all suggestions.
  9. DRAIs

    I thought I bought a drink there, maybe not. I don't think I even got there until 3, so I was pretty gone by then.
  10. DRAIs

    But seriously, the drinks are that expensive??
  11. DRAIs

    I don't remember, I was drunk. I was off in my own little world, dancing like no one was watching and being loud and obnoxious.
  12. DRAIs

    I was there for the first time Last friday- I loved it!
  13. Vegas Help For 7 Girls!!!

    Hey girl, don't know if you went already, but here goes: I would suggest Rain- but it can be quite the sausage fest on the dance floor so if you're short like me- be careful!! I have to stay away because I get mauled when it's really packed. With Ra, I haven't been because my girl friends told me that they get harrassed every time they go- the first time one friend went, some guy just grabbed her and kissed her, another friend had some guy thrown out for something similar. I heard a few more stories "through the grapevine" but the first two just made me stay away. I've been to Club Rio twice and had fun both times- once was halloween and another just recently for Latin libido night or whatever they call it. I like Light, althought it's probably just because I know people there. People can be snobby, but that's pretty much anywhere you go. I like the music there, but there's no place to sit unless some guys invite you to their table- and then they talk about money all night. *yawn* Bikini's sucks- worst club ever. Baby's is closed I think- or last I heard it was. Anyways, happy birthday to your sister, and be careful!