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  1. song ID help please

    Him Lightforce - Join me (dance mix) took about fifteen minutes to find it. it's not a bad track. kinda cheezy. I wonder who remixed it.
  2. DJ Dan at ICE 2/28/04

    DJ Dan will be at ICE next Saturday. We are flying into town friday morning. We've already bought a VIP pakage on groovetickets.com. Some questions about the vegas club scene(i'm not talking about the studio 54 crowd either). What does Vegas like? The last time I was in a real club in Vegas, it seemed like the crowd was not drawn to a paticular style of music. Does Vegas still have a rave scene? Last I heard it was not very sucessful within the last few years(same here in my town). When big name dj's headline events, does the same crowd show up, or is it more of a mix of music fans? Should we dress up, or not really worry about it for this event? See everyone next saturday at ICE. I'll be the drunk guy. nick