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  1. attn: calebb

    bro she is fucking steamin i dont know what you did this time
  2. attn: calebb

    dude what happened this morning with julie
  3. Funniest CP member

    I don't know. I usually see them just laughing amongst themselves. It usually starts with xlr8ted posting something, then stymie will post a laughing icon, and then kaydup follows suit....It's like they have it planned
  4. Seriously

    LOL It's posts like these.
  5. Funniest CP member

    I think they can be funny at times. they are mockers. mocking anything is usually very funny
  6. Funniest CP member

    dogekid shouldve made the list as well. But I think theyre all hilarious.
  7. Red Sox Suxxxxxxxxx

    Nomar has averaged about 7 more homers than Jeter per year. Staggering.
  8. Red Sox Suxxxxxxxxx

    Everything has been put on the table for you. If you don't understand it by now, you never will. Yeah, Boston is a harder city to play in, right. The Cubs haven't won it in a million years either. I guess Chicago is also a tougher place to play in than New York? Oh, and I think we'd agree that the stats all even out except for the homers. True, Nomar has about 50 more home runs than Jeter. Holy cow!
  9. Red Sox Suxxxxxxxxx

  10. Red Sox Suxxxxxxxxx

    Well, at least the Yankees now have the two best shortstops in the game. I love the way Georgie is willing to spend all this money to embarass the Sox.
  11. Red Sox Suxxxxxxxxx

    Let me just say that I think this only because I believe Nomar is on a downturn in his career.
  12. Red Sox Suxxxxxxxxx

    How could you say that and be so sure? Jeter has been the Yankees' leader for years now. How can we be so sure that Nomar would've acted in the same manner Jeter did, thus winning all those rings? How do we know how Nomar would play in New York? One player CAN make all the difference.
  13. Red Sox Suxxxxxxxxx

    You're trying to trivialize the numbers by using decimal points. And, you still haven't mentioned stolen bases. The only things I can think of that Nomar has an edge over Jeter are homers and slugging%. But that's not enough to give Nomar the edge. Let me say something pretty bold right now. Jeter will go to the Hall of Fame. I really don't think Nomar will.