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  1. coming to town for christmas

    what is considered after hours there?!? after hours here is like from 2-3am to 6-9am.
  2. coming to town for christmas

    ^^thanks man We had a Tabu here in Nashville, but it sucked majorly
  3. coming to town for christmas

    i'm into breaks, house, drum n' bass, and progressive mostly. i like a varying degree in music, i live in music city usa after all. i'm mainly into the underground/mainstream rave ....my friends' cousin owns the palms so we're pretty much gonna party there already. i'm hoping to find some really good partys happening that weekend with some really good Djs .....any help would be helpful....if you know of anything or any place i should check out by all means i'm all ears
  4. coming to town for christmas

    well actually it's the weekend before christmas! I've never been to Vegas and am dying to know where some good partys are going to be. i don't really post on here that much but If anyone can help me i would be so appreciative....