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  1. The Countdown Has Begun!!!

    This will be my first, and maybe only WMC, so planning to make it memorable... 47 hours of dancing, sweating, call a cab(s), homies, and no sleep... def. will love every minute!
  2. Best Hotels to Stay in WMC 2007

    My friend swears by the clay, he booked it for the whole conference in December. I'll be using 2 of his days to see my other friend spin, and discover what kinda trouble we can get into in 48 hours...Then go to work.
  3. Apple Unveils The iphone

    apple I'll probably buy it, even though I have a blackberry pearl now, because I miss the touchscreen on my treo, but am not going back to palm products. also, the ability to sync easily, wifi, fully functional safari & soft keyboard seem worth the price. Cingular kinda sucks, though.
  4. Sports Random Thoughts

    hopefully by 2007 the Dodgers can end this whole 18 year swept in the first round trend... along w/ Saito, I'm adding Jeff Kent to my fave player list
  5. I'll start the Congrats to the Mets thread today...

    damn, breaking out the brooms already... looked like they forgot how to play baseball. totally used to it by now...
  6. hmmm, 18+? maybe monster massive?
  7. mlb playoff thread...

    AL OAK vs MIN = Twins, in a short series. Santana is too tough. NYY vs DET = Yanks! w/ no run support from arod, haha. j/k NL STL vs SD = Padres, definitley a much better team overall, imo. NYM vs LAD = Dodgers! wouldn't be surprised either way, though. their series' in '06 have been very close. think its 3-4 mets? already have my game 3 nlds tickets in hand ~ la, baby!
  8. Sports Random Thoughts

    i'm still kicking myself for not going that night, but didn't want to see them lose twice in one week. it was a great moment, though! I was watching the game out with friends and everyone was upset because they blew another vs. the Padres and the closer was in the dugout crying like a bitch or Pedro... then the first homer was hit and everyone was yelling "c'mon hit another we can tie!" and they kept coming, it was totally unexpected. By the time Nomar hit the game winning hr, even Vin Scully was speechless -- he ended the game by saying he couldn't add anything to what just happened. Of course, being true Dodgers, they followed up with 2 loses to the Pirates...
  9. To David Ortiz: STFU already

    i guess other than albert pujols or ryan howard, i haven't considered many others as a possible mvp. but yeah, i agree, wright and certainly reyes will take a few votes from beltran.
  10. Random Thoughts #3

    its funny, my dad was super anti-drug when I was growing up. but now that he's got morphine, he's like "yeah, this is some good shit!", lol. the ways he's scratching its like watching tyrone biggums every day...
  11. Sports Random Thoughts

    al davis is senile. I mean, jeff george and art shell? davis brought them back like they were a greatest hit...
  12. To David Ortiz: STFU already

    true that ryan howard is an mvp candidate, he's had an amazing year as a hitter on a not so good team. however, taking into account that the mets will make the post season, do you think it's possible that carlos beltran may be even more deserving overall? reason i ask, I saw beltran play this year and he's not just hitting well -- he was diving for balls, making great plays, running -- doesn't he have too much substance, on a great team, to be overlooked for mvp by flash?
  13. weyes' wisdom of the day - 8/20/06

    Dammit, I hope so!
  14. great sports pic thread

    ^ha ha, Zimm & Pedro, that was def. a memorable moment an older pic of Jr. winning Daytona a few years to the day after his dad was killed. a newer pic, takashi saito getting it done once again for the dodgers vs. giants on sunday. came in w/ bases loaded in the 9th, walked one and fanned the rest.