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  1. My Crobar Review

    Yeah, the Crobar guy is having a freakin' fit. What is going on? Is he that desparate? That makes me rethink going to Crobar?!?!?! Maybe it does suck - he sounds like an angry dad!!!
  2. when and where is Digweed coming to NYC????
  3. no bridge & tunnel & no teenie boppers

    HOW mature? What's the scene like? Where is it?
  4. I heard that BLACK has no lights

    Who cares if the lights are too dark - the problem is if the lights are too bright. Ya thiknk they are going to have security lurking over everyone's shoulders? What is the address there again? See ya on the 13th!!!!! :blank:
  5. Where can I get tickets before Friday and how much are they?
  6. My Crobar Review

    when is the best night to go to Crobar?
  7. no bridge & tunnel & no teenie boppers

    Thanks man When is Deep Dish at Crobar? What's JP's parties? Black starts March 13th right? Is ARc fun?
  8. Yo, Yo, Yo xtcgspot, Why no more xtc? When is Deep Dish at Crobar?
  9. Does anyone know where to go dancing where there are actually cool people who like to dance and party hard? I don't want to be surrounded by a bunch of teenagers with belly rings or NJ "slicksters". I'm looking for hot people who live to dance hard, party and socialize in NYC. Let me know