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  1. Party Favors Question

    check out erowid, coke and e are like 2 days max
  2. BLACK MARCH 13th

    i will be there, any info yet on if its gonna be a regular afterhours, 18 after 4 am??
  3. fashion retard

    just beause there diesel doenst mean they have to be square, i just picked up the hottest pair of diesels not square at all
  4. music sharing thing i set up for u NY guys!

    im not saying that you should put up full cds that can be bought at stores, not even close, i dont beleive in that either. im saying that if there are things that cant be bought in stores that we want to share and listen for our own enjoyment we should share them. being able to hear a song certainly isnt gonna stop my from going to a club, there is the whole atmosphere and stuff i cant get at my house or in my dorm. i might just wanna hear stuff inbetween when i get a chance to go to clubs, maybe midweek. i dont see how this is taking money from anyone at all. if i heard a sick beat at factory last weekend and i wanna hear it on wednesday night when im chilling in my room why cant i?? this isnt an invitation to upload full cd's by any means.
  5. fashion retard

    just get a pair of diesels, i know everyone has them, but they are on sale right now for like 50-65 bucks for a nice pair.
  6. Von Dutch FYI

    i own a pair of von dutch jeans just because they fit amazing. i wouldnt have bought them if they didnt fit as well as they do. they fit almost as good as my sevens. i also own 2 hats, i got them a while ago before everyone had them and i have 1 von dutch t shirt that i barely even wear anymore. i dont conciter myself a tool or a sellout, i got the jeans because they fit well and the hats and shirt i will admit cus people wore on tv, but whatever, i dont care whatpeople think as long as i i liek the clothes.
  7. bed head products???

    i wanted this same exact thing, and i got it, its fucking amazing, i use all bed head products, this is how i do it. shampoo - bed head control freak shampoo conditioner - leave in while i shave in teh shower and wash my face - bed head control freak conditioner serum - bed head control freak serum put in after about 30 mins after i get ouyt of the shower and i let my hair airdry for a while right before i go out - bedhead girl toys, this stuff is fucking amazing, gives you the 2nd day look and tons of shine. btw im a guy, and im growing my hair out, kidn of like the singer from taking back sunday. maybe like down to my nose in the front, but only like an inch or inch and a half on the back and sides, but top and front i want like 6-8 inches long. it looks really good. i dont have my digicam here at college so i cant provide pics unfortunately, but i can try and find some online.
  8. i really hope this gets off the ground and works out good. i think it would be great if we could all share unreleased and good tracks without having the riaa and all that gay kazaa shit http://bbs.clubplanet.com/showthread.php?threadid=212999
  9. note!! this will only work if a lot of people contribute in uploading and downloading, i hope u guys can get this off the ground and it will become something great. EDIT: you can go here to get a free ftp client in order to connect http://www.thefreesite.com/Free_Software/FTP_freeware/ im on a fast edu line and i can offer a ftp so that i can host any tracks you guys wanna share. user access would be limited to about 5-10 download and 5 for uploading. there would be no ratio or anything so it would just be a place where you guys can upload your favorite JP tracks and then others could log in and be able to grab them. i cant guarantee 100% uptime because i bring my comptuer home from college sometimes but it would be up 95% of the time. if you guys are interested post below and i can make an account and u guys can start uploading and downloading, i will put some tracks on there also. another thing if u guys arent familiar with ftp i can post a tutorial here on how to use it. its actually really easy. ok accounts are made feel free to do whatever u want, make folders, add music, download stuff for downloading user: jpdown pass: factory IP: Port: 27015 for uploading user: jpup pass: factory IP: Port: 27015
  10. pure mdma powder

    i remember reading somewhere that todays pills have an average of 75 mg.
  11. pure mdma powder

    haha its ok happens to the best of us. at least u know for next time now
  12. Black vs SoundFactory

    its the old exit jp is leasing it for 6 months if im correct, then 52 after if it goes good opening march 13
  13. best way to take e?

    haha plug it and make sure u dont go take a shit like in that movie trainspotting. that was mad funny
  14. pure mdma powder

    http://www.erowid.org/chemicals/mdma/mdma_dose.shtml check out that site