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  1. need a clubbing buddy (im a girl, need a boy)

    oh great I think CP has found it's next Bella. You should PM that bitch, I have a feeling you two would hit it off wonderfully
  2. Random Thoughts #3

    Grrrrrr. It's still not letting me click on your name to send you a PM. so is diana your girl or not? I dont want to seem like a hussy trying to steal her man or anything. lol
  3. If anyone's hangin local in L.I. tonight...

    oh I like Posh never been there on a thursday though. usually fridays
  4. Random Thoughts #3

    I want to send you a PM but it isn't allowing me. i dont think you are completely registered or something
  5. Just wondering..

    I actually think you look cute in the pic dont listen to these internet tough guys. I dont see any of them putting their pictures up. If dianak is not your girlfriend would you mind if we get to know each other a little better. Your tough guy attitude is actually a pretty nice turn on for me
  6. Need Help, Very Important

    Listen no matter what any of you might say about caruch he's a good guy. And believe me when i say he would not go to a hooker. its unfortunate that mark and kim broke it off because they deserve to be happy. Things happen for a reason and it's probably better off that they arent' together. I have loved Mark from the day i met him and always will. He's a better man now than i have ever known him to be. So get off his back and stop making up b.s. rumors about hookers and abortions... Thanks Have a Nice Night! -Pooh!
  7. Expression

    OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!! you are the biggest fucking, whiney little bitch to EVER post here. If you get so upset over people's post than dont post anymore. The more you let people upset you on here the more they are going to keep pushing your buttons. Is it that hard to realize that? God you are so fucking annoying. "im starting to hate this forum"
  8. Hottest CP Couple?

    "by choice" haha now that is funny that basically means no guy is willing to put up with your annoying babbling. when is the last time you got laid hunny? you need to loosen up
  9. Paris Hilton Exposed

    whatever BITCH!!! I have seen those cheesy britney videos you have made so you have NO right saying somebody is bad at making porn.
  10. Paris Hilton Exposed

    coming from the girl who climbs on her kitchen cabinets wearing diapers and who post them on her website in an attempt to raise money for fake tits
  11. josh wink last night

    there is something about your post that make me cringe when i read them. i think i have met you out once or twice also and you were not much better in REAL life either. haven't you only started going out like 3 months ago? xoxo angry bitch Maria
  12. NMN possibly banned AGAIN!

    wtf I REALLY hope not NMN has done nothing wrong. it\'s that montbh character with the disgusting girlfriend who is instigating. if anything he should be banned.
  13. What do you think about the decision

    I know I have not posted much the past couple years I have been on here but I have lurked enough to know that starscream and nomembername would both go at each other. It wasn't just NMN abusing starscream so I don't see how it is fair that only one of them got banned. Starscream can you please fill us in on these supposed anti-gay remarks that he made that got your panties all in a bunch? It seems a little childish that you would go through so much effort in trying to get one member of a club message board banned. Even I could see that he was joking around with you. It was enjoyable to read. The fact that you took it to this level just goes to show that you have some serious insecurity issues about yourself. And the fact that DaVe would actually go ahead and ban him when he has been such a major contributor to this board over the years without any warning is completely ridiculous. I think the least he could do is make a post explaining the situation.
  14. Sports Random Thoughts

    exactly! have fun not making the playoffs this year
  15. Sports Random Thoughts

    awwwww that's sweet I've been reading some of your post and figured you to be an asshole and I was right. But seriously go fuck yourself caleb you loser