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  1. Where the hell is everyone from?

  2. PVD - DVD - Scene from Exit

    yeah its on the global dvd, i have that one!
  3. NEED track id from black this morning BADDDD

    it closted at like 12:30. at like 9 jp stopped spinning and he told everyone to go upstairs and he played int he graffiti room for everyone
  4. yo bro what the fuck are u talking about. first of al your a retard because the clocks changed at 2. second of all i got in at like 3:15 (which would have been 2:15 if the clocks didnt change) after waiting a full 10 minutes online from teh corner to the door and i got in for free for no problem. so shut the fuck up
  5. play cosmic gate - exploration of space and blank and jones - desire 2 aweosme tracks
  6. question about clubplanet at black this weekend

    this is gonna be sick, crobar friday, black saturday, and all free i cant wait
  7. Crobar free this friday?

    just signed up
  8. AVB emailed me!!!!!!!!!!!

    haha i have that cd, its pretty good
  9. AVB emailed me!!!!!!!!!!!

    april fools
  10. Any Raves Syracuse Area?

    when is this??
  11. Bad Boy Bill in Albany- This Saturday!

    where do u live in albany?
  12. Was anyone at Black on Saturday/Sunday?

    im gonna iM U also, i hope to grab this track
  13. Bad Boy Bill in Albany- This Saturday!

    i go to suny albany. the city blows ass, worst place on earth, the bars are dity and shitty, but this sounds like its worth going out to. i might have to check it out cus u guys are saying its good
  14. check out hte JP boards

    wtf where did u guys hear this
  15. check out hte JP boards

    21 and over, only the first 4000