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  1. anyone who has been to italy plz help

    I lived in rome last year and i am originally from hawaii, so the loung-ish club scene was great for me. Alpheus and Black Planet and two clubs just a street away from each other (via commerciale) that are very urban/hip-hop style, and a WHOLE lot of fun. they are both located in Piramide. you can get there by taking the subway to that stop, and then just follow the crowd. If your looking for a more techno/trance type place then you should go to scarrabochio(skar-a-boy-key-yo), which is on the lungo tevere. Another fun place to go is located in campo di fiori. you can go to campo and bar hop till you want to go dancing, then head out to one of the clubs by taxi. usually the drivers know exactly where to go. the clubs in rome arent that impressive visually, but you can still have ALOT of fun. the italian men are great. Alpheus is probably your best bet. they have a hip hop room, salsa, techno, and people there are known to get down and dirty. its great.