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  1. Kazulo Party Photo's...hot!

    Originally Posted by marioncobretti party looks fucking packed yeah, I think you should investigate any possible fire code violations.... I hope you come and investigate...might find it to be just right! Thanks for checking out the photo's Ed Jus-Ed That is...
  2. Thank you! Thank you! I had a wonderful time on my Birthday ! Jose G. & Jemal.C...Laid it down! Thank you again! News Next Kazulo Party August 20th 2005 10pm-until? $5.00 after 11pm Climax 14 ave B between 2nd & E.Houston Tell a friend Bring a friend I realize this party my not be for everyone but you owe it to your self to experience! This is Underground House! Here are the photo's http://www.undergroundquality.com/pics/thumbnails.php?album=35 other news I'll be playing in August 13th Hartford CT HOT Tomatos 1 Union Place Hartford CT, 06103
  3. Kazulo Party /omar-s/ Up-date Jan 29th

    COMING OUT PARTY 2 Whoo-hoo! It's going down March 23, 2005 THE LIQUOR LOUNGE 1560 COLLINS AVE NO DRESS CODE 9-PM - 5AM $3.00 B- 4 11PM $6.00 after As usual Bring your energy & Noise maker! Winter (NYC-JAPAN) will be leading the drum brigade. DRUM FOR LIFE! We will have promotional give aways! This is a collective of 3 different states, 3 different views of House Music, 3 DJ's that love to play for you! DJ KEVIN JAMES M-Breakrecordings DJ DAVE RUSSELL FLIPSIDE Hartford CT. D.C. DJ Jus-Ed UndergroundQuality NYC-CT We are but a few of the many of the underground House DJ's That are not playing by the rules. Feel me! So if your going to miami for the conference please stop by and meet new people from all over the world and just have a good time! You know how we like to do! Ed Jus-Ed That is... www.hometown.aol.com/DaveRuss66 www.M-BreakRecordings.com WWW.UNDERGROUNDQUALITY.COM
  4. Hi it's Ed Jus-Ed That is... Date - Sunday Feb 20th 2005 Time - 6pm to 4am Place - Forty6Grand Cost - $6.00 first 50 people free cd. I'm very excited about this next Kazulo Party! I have some very talented DJ's coming out to bless us with some serious music for us to dance to. Not to mention we are going to party for 10 hours remember monday is president's day! hopefully you are off. The DJ'S Matt Kinney from Norwalk Ct. he had a residence in New haven Ct. @ Funktion the old Alley cat. When I came out of retirement he introduce me to the house scene giving me several opportunitys to jam with him. His sytle of house is very smooth well calculated between vocals & tracks...Yummy! DJ Marcel is one of the Co-founders of www.FamilySessions.com He and his crew have been keeping it true since the early 90's bring party after party to Connecticut up & down the coast line.There is nothing commercial about him or his crew if you enjoy cutting edge music with a latin flavor...stuff you haven't heard before then get ready to be dazzled! DJ Jose G. I had the pleasure of meeting Jose on the dance floor four years ago and I have seen him at almost every party that happens in New York City. I finally got to talk to this brother...you know how it is you see people at party's it's like you know them...cause you see them all the time...but you really don't know them...lol. So we finaly talked... come to fine out Jose is a well accomplished DJ that has been around since the scene started and his collection is very large so you can expect anything from him Classics to Crispy New! DJ Jus-Ed Well you know who I am I'm Just a DJ tring to keep it going http://www.undergroundquality.com/djje.htm On percussions Winter Drum for Life! needs no introduction! He's played from here to Japan and Back! Joel Hirsch not new to the scene but at all www.ElectricLadybugs.com Get there early only 50 cd's to give out and you really shouldn't miss any of these guy's set's! See you there! Ed Jus-Ed That is...
  5. Kazulo Party /omar-s/ Up-date Jan 29th

    tonight tonight! see you there!
  6. Kazulo Party /omar-s/ Up-date Jan 29th

    that's right! tomorrow! see you there!
  7. Kazulo Party /omar-s/ Up-date Jan 29th

    got to keep on bump in!
  8. Today is going to be the best party to happen for Kazulo yet! First well be @ the world famous Halcyon 57 Pearl st Brooklyn http://www.halcyonline.com/ Jan 29th Sat. 6pm-9pm you can meet Omar-s Detroit and get your own copy of the new cd release omar-s 005 "Ask The Lonely" all new kutz!... There will be some vinyl also that you might have been trying to get of omar-s... he's bring some pieces first come first serve... After that you can come over the bridge & meet us at DUSK 147 w24th between 6th & 7th Party starts @ 10pm free before 11:30pm $8.00 after...here's how it went last time omar-s was in the house! http://www.undergroundquality.com/pics/thumbnails.php?album=9 TO VIEW FLIER http://www.undergroundquality.com/home.htm The Sound is being brought in and it's Banging! see you there! For you deep soulful house headz listen to this... 95 North cd#2 of the borderline series. I"m doing this year get lifted! http://www.undergroundquality.com/music.htm and for you Tech house Headz check out 2005 borderline mix....I play Everything that is Not being played! feel me also i'll be featuring Unbeliveable Beautiful remix by Kevin James M-BreakRecordsings produced by DJ Jus-Ed vocals By Madafi so I'll see you! On the dance floor! U.Q. Style! Ed Jus-Ed That is... send Promo's to... DJ Jus-Ed 1215 North AVE. APT 6 Bridgeport CT, 06604
  9. First I wanna say thanks for coming out to the last Kazulo party! Big hug to L.A & MASS. THANKS FOR COMING OUT wow the energy was high and the vibe was right! This month we are kicking off the new year proper like. It's my pleasure to invite you and your friends to this months KAZULO party! Saturday night the 29th Omar-S will be back on the one's & two's along with me Here's how it went down last party http://www.undergroundquality.com/music.htm check out the mix 2005 Borderlines.... pictures will be up shortly... Dusk is located @ 147 w24th between 6th & 7th music starts at 10pm free before 11:30pm $8.00 after so come early! The space is very cozy and the sound... just whats needed to complete the vibe the only element missing is you! It would mean so much to me if you would show up for this EVENT The Lovely Miss Jade http://www.undergroundquality.com/mj.htm will be there to greet you Dusk is not a big place so don't risk waiting in line....please get there early... There is more to tell about the party but you'll have to wait for the next update! Ed Jus-Ed That is... ceo/owner of Underground Quality.com
  10. Hi it Ed Jus-Ed That is.... And you read right! where having our last party for the year! Christmas Day Dec 25th sounds crazy but it's true! and it's FREE....FREE I wanted to give back to all you folks who have supported Kazulo....and me. It would mean alot to me if you would come out and enjoy your self while I do my thing on the one's and two's. I'm bring in the sound straight from CONNECTICUT. yup! The is a system to die for! No worries we gotta wood floor to dance on! This is a very cozy spot and the staff are very cool! NO HASSLE @ THE DOOR & NO DRESS CODE AND IT'S FREE... DUSK 147W 24TH BETWEEN 6TH & 7TH PARTY STARTS @ 10PM TILL 4AM RSVP [email protected] I'll have free cd's for all of Jus-Santas Helpers Other News! Be on the look out for my new vinyl EP coming out on FXHE RECORDS DETROIT "Carnival House" I hope you enjoy the events that Underground Quality produces my goal is to leave only one thing in your mind & heart...That you had a good time! Please stay connected and in touch... For the new year 2005 I plan on have more mixed cds from different DJ's and alot of other things that will help keep OUR music alive and well remember...Each One Teach One! God Bless you and your family! Ed Jus-Ed That is... SEE PHOTO'S WWW.UNDERGROUNDQUALITY.COM
  11. Hi it’s me Ed Jus-Ed That is… Inviting you to come to my first album release party! Entitled… “Carnival House†This is a 13 track cd of my own original productions Where Halcyon 227 Smith Street Brooklyn NY. NO COVER… When Feb 28th Saturday night Time 8pm – 4am Music starts @ 8pm - 9:30pm Listening @ 9:30pm Guest DJ’s Jenifa Mayanja of Bu-mako www.bu-mako.com DJ Juan Valetin & DJ Jus-Ed www.undergroundquality.com Advance copies of the album $10.00 @ the release party Come as you are cause we gonna get loose up in there… The furniture will be out the way so we can dance! For more info contact me 203-400-1601 or www.Halcyonline.com Call Halcyon for directions 718-260-9299