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  1. Any Raves Syracuse Area?

    Wow Thanks Pumavisor808. This is my email [email protected] Let me know if anything else is going on. I'm pretty sure I'll be going to this Party. The place looks awesome.
  2. Hey does Anybody knows of any raves in the Syracuse area or a scene. I just moved here and I'm lost. Just came back from the Winter Music Conference and Ultra and now I find myself all hyped up and nothing to do.
  3. what are we going to do now?

    Anything Going on in Upstate New York or the Great Lakes Region?
  4. Kick Ass WMC Pics!

    Thank for the pictures man they are nice. The one from the Ultra Skyline. WOW.
  5. Yea politics was heavy. But I think it was a defense mechanism. Right now we are being targeted as a goup. BY we I mean anybody who loves electronic music. The RAVE ACT. I didn't know about it until two weeks ago in this message board when somebody casually mention it. It sucks. It's a violation of our rights to assemble. Check Out this SITE: http://www.emdef.org/s2633/ It concerns all of us Don't wake up one day and ask yourself what ever happened to our scene, man. I'm Sounding like an Old Man. But I'm 28 and being around RAVES since the 20th Century. And it's something I don't want gone.
  6. webcast =ultra

    Tell me what you think of this webcast?
  7. Wicked wknd...

    I know about loosing weight I lost 12 pounds must be the winter Fat man. I live in Syracuse. Do you know about any major Parties in NY soon?
  8. [email protected]

    I'm in Syracuse let me know, we can do a WMC regroup.
  9. Wow I'm glad you got it out of your system, man. I agree, we all must have ran by each other several times.
  10. Where is it talking place? At their club? From the pictures @ teasers website looks kind of small?
  11. I'll definitely be there. I'm looking forward to partying with you guys.
  12. Whats ur WMC shedule!?!??!!?

    Friday - Nikkis Saturday - Ultra ====> ??????????? From that point on I'm playing it by ear. I have the list of every thing going on but I figure me & my friends will meet some of you guys and follow the vibes.
  13. i'm new at this I don't think bmp uploaded. Here's Jpeg version.
  14. Hey I'll be arriving Thurday I'm definitely going to Nikki Beach on Friday. Please feel free to say Hi & tell me u are from ClubPlanet. This picture was taken in Puerto Rico at Guajataka 2000. Was one of the many outdoor parties they use to have. This one took place at on old train tunnel by the beach. I can't wait to be again in tropical weather. I'm the one in the right. Check out the flyer it was the one for that party.