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  1. coming to Arc on 20th March from UK

    It's all booked now, so can't really change, but everyone is happy with the location and prepared to cab it to Arc, I imagine that will be the only time we'll end up around that area anyway as will spend the rest of the time killing my credit card in Manhatten. I expect we'll be too tired on the Friday to see Tenaglia after a 7 hour flight. But thanks for the offer. I'll try and keep an eye on here in the run up to the event, see whose going and maybe hook up and say hello and have a ermm, water, lol. you'll be able to catch me on the John 00 Fleming Message Board anyway. Ade
  2. coming to Arc on 20th March from UK

    Thanks for everyone's help guys. Managed to find a good deal on a flight and a nice hotel in Manhattan not far off Central Park. PCR> Will be arriving on the 19th in the afternoon and leaving just after 7pm on the 22nd, so will be there for just 3 nights, would be longer but not everyone in the camp wants to take up too much of thier holiday time off work in the winter. We're only really going as it will be the last chance to catch JOOF @ Arc before it closes. Hence it's a rush job.
  3. coming to Arc on 20th March from UK

    you know the score. Thanks for help so far guys, getting late here UK time so will try and sort some things tomorrow.
  4. Hi I need some help if you would be as kind. I am coming from the UK to go to Arc on the 20th March. I've been looking on the web, but your city just confuses the hell out of me, god help me when i'm there. What i need to know is, what is the nearest Airport(s) to the club and can anyone recommend any reasonably priced Hotels/Hostels in the close to the area of where Arc is. Is Arc well out of the way of New York City? As we intend to do the usual tourist thing as well. Cheers Ade