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  1. Opinions on Spirit?

    mention your on the TELEGRAPH list for this Friday at Spirit...save money on the door.
  2. for reduced list mention that your with the TELEGRAPH party!! Foundation is going to be a new force in the club scene....be apart of it.
  3. Anthony Pappa(Global Underground) and Randall Jones(Bedrock/End Recordings) this Friday at the former Twilo space. Checkout foundation...for reduced admission mention your on the Telegraph guest list at the door.
  4. Gabriel & Dresden

    reduced admission you know where it's at.
  5. mention your on the Telegraph list for reduced admission for Foundation this Friday w/ Anthony Pappa(global underground), Randall Jones(End Recordings/Bedrock) and Astro & Glyde(Bedrock).....get there before 1am!!
  6. Gabriel & Dresden

    what's this got to do w/ Gabriel& Dresden?
  7. Gabriel & Dresden

    it's free before midnight....reduced after hit [email protected] w/ names
  8. Eric Morillo, March 27

    where's it at mate? i used to see him rock Pacha in London but he doesn't fly over the pond that much as of late.
  9. Carl Cox @ Avalon

    New to NYC, is there any spot that doesn't have shit loads of guidos and silly fuckers w/ glowsticks. Hello that shit is so old....please let me know there's gotta be somewhere in this great city that's for the headz.
  10. Moving to London. I wanna DJ...

    check this gaff in Brixton....www.thebrixtontelegraph.co.uk it's decent size 650 capacity, 2 rooms with decent house, breaks, and drum'n'bass nights. speak w/ Ben or Warren
  11. Chemical Brothers Announced!

    hope it's a better vibe than Layo& Bushwacka( theyplayed a couple of weeks ago) their staff were rude and not very helpful. Lots of twats just standing around waiting.....for what i don't know. NYC needs to loosen up and fucking get down. Life is not so serious....enjoy it like it's your last day.
  12. Maestro REVIEW!!!!!!!!!

    hey there, is maestro still playing? i want to have an event where we screen it really early with an open bar and then have some of the godfatherds of the ny scene give it to us like only they know how.
  13. where is nYc going ?

    clubbing is a feeling...it's about the vibe people create...the interaction...until you understand that you will never feel the real experience. don't just roll up and expect to be entertained...sorry it doesn't work like that...participate if not stay home!
  14. question about Crobar this Fri....

    don't bother...the place will be rammed. check Carl Cox at Avalon.