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  1. Paris Hilton Nightclub in Orlando...

    Oh Please enough with your Orlando Bashing!!! Like Miami didn't grow up with a Freestyle mentailty and FL Breaks and Electro, yes come into your "Planet Soul" Orlando has spawned a wide variety of Djs from Jimmy Van M, Kimball Collins, AK 1200, Q Burns Abstract Message etc.. The whole Fl Breaks argument applies to one city only which is Tampa FL. WHat makes you think Orlando has a rave mentatlity of 1995? The scene in Orlando for Dance music is Very small and has been for several years with Quality tiny nights devoted to All generes of dance music. So there!
  2. Paris Hilton Nightclub in Orlando...

    From My close friend in the entertainment business in Orlando: The Paris nightclub's musical format will be strictly Hip Hop and R & B with the odd 80's track and rock tune thrown in. Supposedly Nicole's ex-boyfriend or current boyfriend, DJ AM from L.A. will be the weekend resident. no dance music.
  3. Danny The Wildchild @ Jade This Sunday

    Bo Bo Bo Selecta!
  4. Summer is definitely here!

    global warming......at least march was not as hot as last year, remember the heat wave at wmc 2003 in march last year???......yeah hot summer ahead and then lots of hurricanes...but i am very tan right now
  5. My Introduction, New To This Board

    Mike you used to mix together some wild music, I remeber hearing Revolting Cocks and Transformer 2 within 3 hours of each other!
  6. Sander K & the Pioneer DVD/CD Player

    just watched the video, I don't know if it could have been anymore repetitive and extremely basic. WHile the Pioneer DVD mixers are cool, it seems better to utilize them on actually Videos that have been made for tunes, the Pioneer let's you synch the BPM of the music videos to each other, just like a turntable or CD deck does, SO Sander went in with some video production people and made some really basic videos to mix together off DVD for tunes from his set? There are some incredible Visual companies out there, that can really provide serious ambiance to a dj set, The Pioneer decks don't make Visuals, you play a DVD with Visuals and audio already burnt on a DVD and match the BPM's and mix em together.
  7. Sander K & the Pioneer DVD/CD Player

    edited for dupe
  8. Dallas?

    Red Jacket is gone. just tune into the All Dance station they have, 106.7 KDL http://www.1067kdl.com/ it is similar to Miami Party station but with a little more Housey stuff being played in regular programing and on mix shows. Guest DJ's of various formats are in one club or another weekly!
  9. ||Magical Maydaze - 5/29 @ PURE||

    Jen Lasher Set time Please!!!!!!!!1
  10. ||Magical Maydaze - 5/29 @ PURE||

    Jen Lasher Rocks! She is a great DJ and has great energy, I can't wait to see her set!!!!! Are you going to post the timeslots?
  11. A message from a concerned clubber...

    Saw Digweed twice last year, he def wasn't playing the Prog house of years back, maybe I should say some Funky Prog?
  12. A message from a concerned clubber...

    I went to see Frankie Knucles at CroBar during WMC, his set was great, the crowd was an unusual mix, some seemed real into it, others not (it was WMC), It was moving and soulful. Oakenfold plays Prog ??? SInce When, Yeah I am all for Dutch Trance (Armin Ferry, M.I.K.E. (Ahh he might be Belgian whoops) , but not Prog House, Progressive Killed the scene in the UK, I know that's a whole different thread though, hell Digweed plays more chunky funky house and slow Breaks and so does Sasha now. UK Prog house is much too boring and repitive for me.
  13. MAGICAL MAYDAZE "The Legend Continues" DOWNTOWN MIA. 5-29-04

    I heard Koma and Bones play in DC awhile back, It was kinda boring, most of the tunes were straight Prog House with a Breakbeat underneath, there last several records have been nothing to write home about either. Elite Force was incredible the last time I caught him In Cali, Never have seen General Midi. I have seen Jen Lasher in Philly and she rocks it, a little Dynamo, that girl has some energy and played a real cool mixture on Nu-Skool and Funky breaks with a smattering of Electro-Clash and funky house, If your going catch her set for sure.
  14. Breaks DJ during Space Fri (PVD)

    Icey had a records released on Bedrock Breaks label under the name of "Nuddles". Digweed actually dropped it at Lola's (now called Neeve or something ) a few WMC's ago. I saw your Bedrock Logo on your Post
  15. WHat's the Point with Booking him? Let him Sing " jane Says" Accapella over a drum machine beat but don't book this guy as a DJ, he has been a celberity DJ for more than a few years so by now ya think he could find a few records he could seemless mix or at least seque together.