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  1. A.C. clubs

    What about Missile in Trop. Do you have a review?
  2. Does anyone have any reviews on this place in the Tropicana. According to their website it looks like this is an after hours place. Any info would be appreciated
  3. I will be coming in June. Anyone have any suggestions
  4. I will be coming in the middle of the June. Does anyone have any suggestions. Hip Hop or dance. Doesn't matter
  5. Ac This Weekend

    Does anybody know what's good on a Thursady night in AC?
  6. Any of the clubs good on a Thursady night in AC? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. Ac This Weekend

    Cool. I will check it out. Thanks
  8. Ac This Weekend

    Where is the Worship at?
  9. This upcoming weekend

    I will be town on the 23rd and wanted to see where the hot spots are??
  10. Any special events going on during these dates?
  11. Guestlists for Vegas

    I will be there from July 23-28. Who has the hookups for Pure, OPM, Body English?
  12. Game is a Joke

    Well I am not saying that he won't sell but he will just be like alot of rappers who don't even sell a million. It wasn't for 50 he would of never sold all those records. We all know that. You know what. All this beef shit is getting old anyway. I just want to hear some good rap music like back in the day. Everyone sounds and raps the same nowadays anyway. We need something different
  13. Game is a Joke

    It has nothing to do with hiim still being with Aftermath. It's common sense to know that he will not sell as much without 50. When push comes to shove down the road it wouldn't surprise me if Game eventually gets kicked off of Aftermath. Of course every group has there time in the spotlight but these boys will be around for awhile dominating the charts. There is no competition out there for them. 50 is shittin on the game right now. On a music stand point I think that he should go back to his hard stuff instead of this dancing shit he's putting out but this is a business. Once you become big then it all goes downhill.
  14. Game is a Joke

    I don't know how everyone is getting all excited over that 300 bar song. That shit is pure garbage. Everyone knows that Game's career will now suffer since he got kicked off of G-Unit. He can do song after song and go after these guys but who the hell really cares. Without 50 his selling days are over no matter which way you look at it. Regardless if you like 50, Banks, Yayo, or Buck these guys are on top of their game and they know how to make money. There are no other artists out there that even come close to there record sales.
  15. Anyone have any info on this party?