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  1. Gimme the scoop!

    undefined Aight Chi-town CP peeps, I'm in town for 2.5 weeks and am lookin' for some cool peeps to hang out with. CP never lets me down so I'm sure you won't disappoint. Anyway, I'm a travelin' fool and always get mad love from CP peeps in Miami, NYC, Dallas, and LA to name a few. So if you wanna rep Chi-town...now's the time! Hit me up with comments and suggestions! Thanks! E
  2. clueless

    Just call my sorry ass and help me out with directions! Pleeeez!
  3. clueless

    Sonar it is, then! What's the address...and is it near Privilege? Forgot to ask about the dress code also? Can you help me out?
  4. clueless

    Not yet. I guess I'll flip a coin and rely on fate! What do you think?
  5. clueless

    Yeah, it sucks! I'm in MIAMI...a premier party place, but hesitate to go out cause I don't wanna hang out by myself. Gotta give you props on the hospitality!
  6. clueless

    Thanks CrzyC! What's going on tonight?
  7. clueless

    I'm downtown, but willing to go to SoBe! I'm really tired of being cooped up in this damn room. Need to get out and socialize, asap!
  8. clueless

    Yeah, I'm in town for 2.5 weeks and want to take in the Miami nightlife, but am not really sure where to begin. I'm pretty much down with the trance, hip-hop, lounge, but the other problem is that I don't really know anyone here. I'm here for work and don't really want to go out with anyone from that environment. Any suggestions?
  9. clueless

    Just looking to get the 411 on where to go on what nights while I'm in town. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!