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  1. Bad Boy Bill Review

    Bad Boy Bill doesn't split doors at raves anymore. He's consistently ranked with some of the best dj's in the world, I think somewhere in the 30's, and costs Avalon about $20,000 a night. How much do you think they should charge?
  2. Regarding Avalon

    They will definitely just keep it. Trust me they wont give it to the cops..the last thing they want to do is "draw attention" to the club =-) So you are safe ...NO WORRIES
  3. Hey Joe!!!!!! Where Are Ya Gonna Be On Thanksgiving Eve????? Danny Tenaglia @ The Roxy =-)
  4. They should have a package price, so that we can go every night...and not show up for work on Monday =-)
  5. Spirit vs. Ikon for NYE?????

    Mauro Picotto At Avalon!!!!! I Promise You That The Music Will Be Unbelievable!!!!!!!
  6. Mauro Picotto & Yahel NYE 2005 at Avalon

    The way to solve that problem is to stay at home with loved ones until the Midnight when the ball drops and then go out to the city afterwards =-) Then you get the best of both worlds =-)
  7. Mauro Picotto & Yahel NYE 2005 at Avalon

    YOU CAN SAY THAT A THOUSAND MORE TIMES!!!!!! Obviously 2005 is going to be one hell of a year!!!!!!!! Mauro We Love You =-)
  8. Mauro Picotto & Yahel NYE 2005 at Avalon

    THANK YOU!!!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!!! I am sooooooooo happy =-) YOU JUST MADE MY DAY!!!!!! =-) =-)
  9. Mauro Picotto......

    I Am Soooooooooo Happy Words Cannot Describe!!!! Thank You Avaland You Just Made A Women Extremely Happy!!!!!! This Is Going To Be The Most Wonderful New Years Ever =-)
  10. Mauro Picotto......

    Does anyone have an approximation when he will be back .............We miss him =-(
  11. ibiza july 2005

    Amen Joe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All I Can Say Is That Ibiza Is Banana's ( Copyrighted By Joe, Ibiza 2003)
  12. Joe think about IBIZA ..........waiting for our connecting flight.......the sounds in the airport. We miss you we should all go out sometime!!!!
  13. JOE READ YOUR SIGNATURE!!!!! LOL LOL LOL NYC IS OVER??? OOOOOOPPPPPSIE =-) JOE I WILL GIVE YOU A HINT WHO THIS IS "LIquor and chicken"..........."Meet George Jetson"...........
  14. Love Parade - San Fran

    The Love Parade in Berlin was cancelled, but SF is on as far as i know =-)
  15. What Time???

    I was jsut wondering what time spirit closed last night?? Do they stay opened after 7:00am??