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  1. to all my close freinds i just got engaged

    Wow..have not seen him in ages..does he still live in NJ??
  2. to all my close freinds i just got engaged

    I just got engaged March 2nd!!!!!!!!!
  3. Finally MYLO gets what he deserves!

    Wow, you have a lot of free time on your hands! LOL
  4. Coming out this week!

    What day this week? Thursday or Friday??
  5. Coming out this week!

    Cannot wait!!!! I'm staying at the Wynn Wednesday to Saturday...what is good this week as far as lounges & clubs? I definitely want to see Tao one night, but not sure which one has the best music? Anywhere else that's pretty new? Thanks!
  6. Cd Mix!!! Who Wants A Copy?

    Love his cd's...get a copy if you can!!!!!!!
  7. Yep, it's me......... Mark is short, but I have a thing for short guys now! Plus, sometimes being short is a good thing.........your bodies line up better! LOL
  8. Wouldn't doubt it. He moved once across country to be with a chick he met on the Internet. She cheated on him & he left to come crying home to mommy!
  9. Yeah, great times there.........me & Mark. God, thanks for making me want to cry! I'm just kidding! What ever happened to him anyway? I haven't heard his name in a while?
  10. Free House Cd

    Love that CD!!!!!!!! Thank you again & keep up the good work!
  11. Every essential mix since 1993

    The link is dead!!!!!!!!!! That sucks
  12. This place looks cute from outside. I work down the street....anyone go?
  13. I need a new car

    I have lots of pics on aol...NJAriesgirly I always financed a car, but maybe I should lease this time. It's cheaper, but I have a long drive to work coming up. (Got a new job too)