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  1. http://www.cinekink.com/program/ Saturday, October 22nd – 11:15 pm US PREMIERE Pornology New York]RAVE REVIEWS IN EUROPE PornologyDirected by Michele Capozzi, 2005, USA, 85 minutes. Featuring Michele Capozzi, Neville Chambers, Porsche Lynn and Lenny Waller. A paean to underground New York, circa 1970-85, this engrossing documentary brings together four of its most colorful protagonists - Michele Capozzi, urban explorer and self-titled pornologist; Neville Chambers, founder of the infamous Fuck Factory; Lenny Waller, long-time front-man of the meat-packing district's now-defunct Hellfire Club NY and Manhole NY, now operating Fetish Warehouse NY and renowned pornstar/mistress/shaman, Porsche Lynn - for a look back in time, an assessment of where we are today...and one very wild farewell party
  2. FETISH WAREHOUSE NY FETISH WAREHOUSE NY 117 25th Street Brooklyn, NY 11232 718-369-5009 FETISH WAREHOUSE NY FEATURED IN EROS GUIDE NEW YORK ARTICLE WRITTEN BY ABBY EHMANN! New York Featured Club FETISH WAREHOUSE NY Once upon a time, when Manhattan was home to all things dark and deviant, there was a glorious underground S&M club - they still used S&M in those days, before "BDSM" became politically correct - called The Hellfire. There have been hundreds of first person confessionals, erotic fictionalizations, UPI news stories and fetish fantasies written about this infamous underground dungeon. You found The Hellfire by navigating a dark metal staircase in the sidewalk at West 14th and 9th Avenue in the seedy Meatpacking District. And what you'd see there would blow your mind. Now that the Meatpacking District is home to overpriced boutiques and four-star hotels, you'll no longer see tranny hookers tripping over cobblestones or leathermen buying breakfast at dawn at Dizzy Izzy's. Those were, my friends, the days. And they are long gone. Gone, too, is The Hellfire, replaced by a swanky bistro, I can't imagine enjoying an expensive steak with frites while staring at walls that used to hold eyebolts with slaves lashed to them. Like everything else forbidden and fun, The Hellfire has decamped for more obscure environs. And though it's no longer called The Hellfire, you can still find Lenny Waller, the proprietor, smiling out from under his heavy beard and welcoming you to The Fetish Warehouse. The new venue is as aptly named as was The Hellfire. Above ground and yes, in an old warehouse space, it is 5,000 square feet of sadomasochistic amusement park. There are low walls separating the enormous room into smaller, more intimate spaces, with couches and all sorts of equipment for play. They have a bar, where you can order soda and juice, and TVs that play loops of fetish videos. There are spacious rest rooms where crossdressers can transform themselves or regular ol' fetish joes can change into their leathers. Complimentary paddles, whips and floggers are available with a small deposit. And if its encouragement or instruction you're after, just ask. The club is presided over by Lenny Waller, a fixture of New York SM scene for 30 years, with help from hired pro dommes and hostesses. The Fetish Warehouse is located at a dead end in the wilds of, well, that's up for debate: Park Slope? Red Hook? East Brooklyn? Whatever the real estate agents are calling it, it's pretty much nowhere, with a rock and gravel company on the other side of the hurricane fence at the dead end's end. There are no neighbors or curious lookie-loos, so you'll never feel embarrassed getting out of your car in your garters. And if you're one for taking mass transit, it's a quick and safe two-block walk from the N train, and an easy half-hour ride from midtown Manhattan. If you drive, there's plenty of parking underneath the freeway, minutes outside the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel. In other words, it's not tough to get to, though perhaps not as easy as a cab ride to Hellfire once was. Their web site welcomes kinksters of every stripe, including, "BDSM, s&m, d&b, CBT, bondage, spanking, caning, whips, chains, ropes, adult role playing, foot fetishes, smoking fetishes, fetishes of all types, crossdressing, leather, paddles, TV's, leather, clamps, flogging, paddles, cuffs, violet wands, tens units, masters, slaves, dommes, doms, electric play, TVs, gay, lesbians, bi-sexuality, exhibitionism, voyeurism, suspension and more.....Do these things spark your interest? Then welcome home! Fetish Warehouse NY is the place for you!" And the staff is as welcoming as their warm cyber-red-carpet. Note: The club doubles as Axis, a men only club on Sunday nights, when the cover is $20. Check out the web site for all the specifics and special events coming up. The Fetish Warehouse - by Abby Ehmann SINGLE MEN $35 COUPLES $30 DRESSED TV'S $15 WOMEN FREE OPEN FRIDAY AND SATURDAY NIGHTS 10 PM TO 4 AM NO DRESS CODE JUICE & SODA BAR BYOB
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