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  1. Okay, so I'm not trying to be an asshole when I write this, but honestly, YOU ARE TOO MUCH. I have read some of our threads, but for the most part I can't keep up, because it seems you basically live your life on this site and ALWAYS have something to say about everyone and everything that goes on. And I'm not putting you down for that, but you act as if you know EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING, which I don't buy for a second. In my world, the more you talk about YOURSELF, the less interesting you seem. I undersatnd you love an respect music, as do I,which is so cool, but for some reason you think of yourself as the EDM God, and I hate to break it you, but you not. I know I only joined Club Planet this year, but have been in this scene since I was a shomphmore in High School, going to "local raves" to see Frankie Bones, Adam X, Josh Wink and all the rest that were around in the early 90's. Unlike youself, as I have come to learn from your posts, you live most of your "clubbing life" in NY, which is fine, but nothing here can compare to the rest of the world, and quite honesly I belive you have never left the 5 bouroughs in you life. You always brag about who you know, like I don't know half those people myself, but you always have to show it off, like anyone really cares. Really. Have you spent the past 4 summers in Ibiza like I have REALLY clubbing where it almost blows your mind?? I don't think so, have you been to London, where I go every year in and will be in 2 weeks to experience clubs NY could never live up too? Have you spent a month in Australia, seeing shit you couldn't even imagine? Or attending The White Party? I didn't think so. I'm not trying to be a bitch, but in all honestly -YOU TALK TOO MUCH. And I know from the multiple responses that more than a few peple have written (and I mean multiple people) about you on this site, I have come to the realization that maybe talking yourself up into this "Superstar" mode doesn't always work. You juge too many people on thier taste of music, hey PvD is my favorite DJ ever (except what he played at Crobar on the 21st, he could have done better), but that doesn't make me to a "Trance Freak" Erick Morillo is one of the best D'J's that ever was, Sander K can rip shit up when he wants to, and Carl Cox at his closing party at Space in Ibiza is like nothing you've ever heard. Steve Lawler, James Holden, Tenaglia, and plenty more are amazing DJ's. What I think you need to do is broaden your horizons and appreciate that this country really has NO clue about what real music is. Basically what I'm saying is that you don't know it all, and when I read your posts you sound like a fucking phsycotherapist, you try and make everyone feel inferior without actually coming out and saying it. And maybe you should think about losing the Paradise Garage t-shirt, hey I've got one too, but every time you seem to go out, you always let everyone know you're wearing it, you're not the only one with that shirt I have one too, but I do have a bigger wardrobe selection, and I certainly try my best not to wear the same thing EVERYTIME I hit a club, plus were you even born yet when Paradise was around?? I doubt it, or maybe you were 2, so why must you constantly wear it, you were never even there?? Plus, it was a HUGE gay hang out in it's time, and I'm not judging you on your lifestyle, but maybe you should think about something else to wear, it's PLAYED OUT HONEY. There are new things on the market you know. The last thing I am trying to do is bash you, but why don't you just take it eay with you CONSTANT posting, I really do wonder if you have nothing else going on in your life than this website, and that is pretty sad. Try taking a nice walk outsdie once in a while and get back to reality. I know I am not the only person who feels this way aboout you, but to me you are like the "Dr. Phil" of Club Planet, always trying to guide people in your direction, when I really belivive these people have a mind of thier own. If you don't like a certain DJ who is playing that night - don't go, it's a simple as that. Please don't send me hate mail over this becasue as I said before I'm just giving you my honest opinion of what I have read about you and gotton to know about your personality from the multiple, and I stress the word multiple threads you have put up here over the years. My advise to you is CHILL OUT, not everyone wants to hear your words of "wisdom" or so you think they are. Please don't hate me for this, but mybe you should just chill out for a while, and I don't think I'm alone when I say this. And I'm not trying to hurt your feelings so please don't take this too personally, I just thought you should know PEACE
  2. Attn: The Crooks at Made Events

    you took the words right out of my mouth, plus I have seen PvD all over the country (and world) and have never paid $15 like someone said before. I'm much more pissed off about spending $300 - $400 a night for some shit room in the f ing Hamptons, I think it will be easier just to fly to Miami for the weekend and see him at Space Saturday night, just think about that God awful car ride home on Monday - LABOR DAY - back to NY!!! Oh my God, I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy, any ride back from the Island is shit, but Labor Day? I think I'm gonna have to hit the friendly skies and come on - Miami?? or Hamptons?? I'd much rather be at Nikki Beach Club on Sunday than hangin out with the old, stiff, high society of NY, at least Miami has Eurotrash
  3. If you're asking about the "club-in pass" guy, he has a booth outside of Coastline Cafe in San Antonio, when you buy the pass online you'll have to print out a confermation sheet, it will give you directions and all the info you'll need on it, we had no problem finding the place - his booth is right next to the restaurant, some white kid with dreads, you need to keep that sheet with you so he can match the credit card you purchased with to your credit card and ID. We just figured it would be easier to get this out of the way as soon as we got there, and it really was, but you can always buy tickets in town too, or at the door. I'm not sure what kind of money difference there was with buying the pass or just buying tickets as we went, but like I said, it was all taken care of at once and then we could just chill, hope this hepled you out, have fun.....
  4. We were there last year for his closing party and it was the best night we had - he was f ing amazing. You really picked the best time of year to go too, the closing parties are definately where it's at. God I am SO jealous, not only is Carl Cox just an excellent DJ all around but he has this great stage presence, he just seems so happy to be there, which I think refelects alot on the crowd. Something that might help you with your ticket situation - before we went we bought a "club-in" pass online, I got it through a link from the Ibiza Spotlight website which was a great site for info and club schedules. There are 2 types of passes, one is for 3 nights and the other for 5, it will run you about $100 - $200 depending on how many nights you want to go out. You'll have to drive up to San Antonio, to Coastline Cafe (which had pretty good food too) you tell the guy where you want to go, which night - you get tickets, VIP access, and no waiting to get in the door, it worked out well for us and when we go next year we will definatley be buying one again, it just kinda gets all that out of the way so you can just relax and enjoy yourself knowing you are "in" at every place you want to go. Just thought this might help you along, have fun, don't forget about Morillo the next night at Pacha, will you be there for Cream closing too?? Actually I don't even want to know, I might just cry - you lucky thing!!!
  5. PVD in the Hamptons Labor Day

    GOOD LUCK GETTING A ROOM - There is NOTHING F ing Hamptons on Labor Day weekend (more muttering under my breath)
  6. Hell House

    Did anyone happen to catch the documentary - Hell House on the Sundance Channel, I think it was Sundance, earlier tonight. If you get a chance, watch it. Wow, it's scary. It's all about this pentecostal church in Dallas that puts on this "haunted house" type freakshow (obviously) around Halloween time. They bring in about 75,000 people for this, truly amazing to me, and manage to "save" or in my world brainwash 15,000 new members each time they do this!!! So the deal is they have a tour guide to take them through this "Hell House". One room they stop in is an ER and they have this gay boy dying of AIDS, and of course he's gonna burn in hell for all of his "sins" unless before he dies he repents to the Lord, which he never does and ends up in eternal burning or whatever happens to all of my gay riends when they die. The best part is you learn after he's "dead" that his uncle molested him as a child and it made him gay!!!!! WTF??? Are these people for real? Then get this, they have one room as a "rave scene" and of course the DJ is the Devil, which to me was the best part of the whole mess. So this girl is at the "rave" and someone gives her, I don't know maybe G or something, but she ends up fucking like 20 guys and goes home to slit her wrists. Hey, just becuase you fucked a few people, don't take it personally - JUST KIDDING, but it is so very scary to me to see what so many people are like, thank GOD I live in NY, becuase I don't mean to sound like this, but you really do hear most of this shit coming out of the south and out of the backwoods parts of the country. These are kids and they are being brainwashed about normal parts of life, the girl in the ER scene bleeding out becuase she took the abortion pill, come on now, only a handful of people worldwide have actually died from the RU-486 pill when hundreds die each year from complications due to pregnancy in general. I am not saying either way that abortion is right or wrong, but evey woman (or child like so many abortions come from) has a right to choose. Who's to say that a 13 or 14 year old can raise a child the right way? Not me, I'm 28 and don't think I am quite ready for that type of commitment. Anyway you look at this you should watch it, check your listings, it's something not to be missed. Oh and at the end when you are done watching all of the above and more, like a rather explicit "Columbine" type school shooting you have 2 choices - go home (and sell your soul to the Devil) or go through the door to the Prayer Room where you can be saved (and sell your soul to the cult, I mean church). HAPPY VEIWING!!!!!!!
  7. PVD at Spirit. WOW

    Not for nothing honey, but you claim to be around this for 14 years, that makes you 9 when you started clubbing right??? Because your profile say's your 23. So honestly, I doubt you've been even going out for a couple of years. And if you hate trance SO much why would you even waste your money and go?? And then post like 15 times about it. And not for nothing, Friday night was one of the best sets you will ever hear. I'm not trying to sound like an asshole but you always seem to have something negative to say about every DJ that comes to NY. Maybe you should think about getting a job and getting off the computer because you profile says you are unemployed also - hey, you said it!!!
  8. So I wrote above last night about my girlfriends problem with the Spirit tickets, and being the good freind that I am I tried again this morning to get her tickets online, again with the "invalid number" bullshit. So I call them up directly, and these motherfuckers have the nerve to tell me that since the tickets for Spirit weren't purchased within 2 weeks of Central Park that she can't get tickets at all - WHAT THE FUCK is that all about?????? First of all they didn't even post Spirit tickets for about 2 weeks after Central Park went on sale, and no where on the website does it say a single word about a 2 week limit on the second purchase, and I just went through their whole website and all the disclaimers looking to see if it's somewhere in the fine print, which it is NOT by the way. This is bullshit, tomorrow when their customer service center opens I am going to rip them a new asshole. This is totally fucked and I know I am not the only one who has been through this because the fucking idiot they call a supervisor over there told me that he has had this phone call before. If anyone has had this problem PLEASE tell me if you got it all worked out. Thanx
  9. okay, so I got my tix for PvD sumerstage through ticketweb when they first went on sale, no problem, but when I went to buy Spirit tickets, every time I put in my promotional code (confermation number) it tells me "your promotional code is invalid please try again". So I call the number and like an hour later after being on hold and listening to some 20 minute disclaimer I finally get my tickets sent to me by mail. Whatever their system was down, no biggie. But, I come to find out that every person I know has gone through the same bullshit, my sister was on the phone for 82 minutes trying to get 2 f ing tickets, I mean come on is the system down evey day?? But what the problem is now, my girlfriend who has to be the biggest slacker in the history of all the world STILL hasn't bought her Spirit tickets yet, and we only have 5 days to go and she wants to obviously get them through "ticketfast" so she can print them, instead of paying another $25 by having them shipped overnight (like this whole day isn't costing us enough already) But every time she put that number in it comes up with the whole invalid number bullshit, and basically I was just wondering if anyone has had the same problem??? see you all there, and I don't know if anyones checked the weather forecast, but lets all knock on wood right now, becuase AOL is predicting the last thing I wanted to see............ anyway, fuck it, this is still going to be the shit!!!!!!
  10. Pic of your Pet!!

    this is my boy Charlie hanging out with my neice a few years ago. I love this pic because she was still so small then and he is just so big next to her, and looking especially cool in his studded collar. poor pitbulls get such a bad rap, if people only realized what great dogs they can really be and how great they are with kids.
  11. After Hours in Philadelphia

    Thanks for the heads up, I will e mail you before we come since we don't know if we'll be down in June or July. Where is Lounge 125? I used to live between Front. and 2nd on Church St. Philly is changing so much, I remember when Rib-Its and a bunch of dive bars were at 2nd and Chesnut, now it's all new bars like the Blue Martini, god it was such a big deal when Continental opened right there, now it's super trendy bars everywhere. Oh yeah gotta love this website too, it'll tell you page expired when your posting so you have to do it over and over until you realze you've posted a million times, and who's this guy calling a newby?????
  12. It's not you, it's the Summerstage website, it seems in their minds this does not exist, I thought the same thing, WTF?? but all is well on PvD's and the Made website. And if you look hard enough you will eventually find it on the Summerstage site, but I wouldn't bother, too much looking makes your brain hurt.
  13. After Hours in Philadelphia

    it's a great idea and all but............. there is NOTHING on that website, which is a shame because I used to live in Philly and we go visit at least once every summer. And every time we run into the same problem, the restaurants are great, the bars are nice, but Philly forever has NO nightlife, and we always get stuck wondering what the fuck to do as 2 am grows nearer. It's been 6 yrs. since I lived there so I don't know people like I used to and we can never find much going on. We will be there soon actually, I need a Morimoto's fix, so hopefully that website will have more info. in the coming weeks and we can actually go somewhere good when we come down.
  14. I am SOOOOO excited, I can't wait!!!! This is certainly going to be a night to remember - well I can't gaurantee I'll remember the WHOLE night, but I'll try my best. We have our friends from Miami and LA flying in just for this. WOW, it's gonna be a LONG weekend. I finally got to meet him in April out in Vegas, but he really wasn't as excitied as me, hum, I wonder why??? And he didn't even care that we had flown in from NY that morning just to see him spin at Club Ra that night. I tell you, us fans we get no respect. But all has been forgiven and I'm back in love, yes my husband really appreciates my long satnding obbsession with PvD, I tell ya, he just LOVES to hear me talk about him all the time, I swear Anyway, ONE MONTH TO GO!!!! c ya
  15. sorry - website keeps f**ing with me, keeps telling me page expired when Im trying to reply now it posts me 3 times in a row!!