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  1. Sasha

    any one going to see bedrock tonight? happy bday weyes
  2. Good Afterhours?

    hi ding keep me informed about the afterhours. love to hear more about it
  3. In Need For Wednesday Please

    Hey i need two tix for fat boy on wednesday and i was wondering if there was anyone on here with extra tix. please get ahold of me. I would really like to see that show. i appreciate it in advance. ariel
  4. wow guys a place on sunset that locks it doors at 10 pm. at least i tried . maybe we should try to do this at a club . huh. then a nice little after hours with some spinning. i rolled a couple of white boys for us all too. oh well lets try this again soon ok; ariel
  5. Norman Cook

    oh shit and i have not even bought my tickets yet that really is a bummer for me
  6. i must have just missed that deal. i am going to have to get a flight like two weeks before or just bid on one now
  7. arieltke at yahoo. if you can find that. dont mean to send you on a mission.
  8. Good Afterhours?

    sounds like we are getting something going here. all we need to do now is make sure we get the right people with the right music at the right time. la late? i went to your site. $. for passwords? hmmmmm. sounds kind of sketchy. how about connections for passwords isnt that what a scene is supposed to be about. ANYONE can buy there way into a club. on another note. has anyone on this side heard of a meet up at acapulco's ariel
  9. yeah i dont know how to put up a pic.
  10. Norman Cook

    natural museum of art in l.a $25
  11. Good Afterhours?

    I was just at the avalon this saturday for miggs. It was ok. By far not an afterhours club though. Especially since i am coming from Miami where i was spoiled by space where sometimes i didnt go out until 2 and thats when klienfeld or fontaine was just starting to touch a record. the music was a little sped up for my taste but there was a back room where you could smoke and they were spinning a little proggressive trance. i am sure they wil figure out that putting live percussion 'timbales' in that room will bring it up two or three levels. as far as afterhours though. i think its up to us to bring it to the 11am level. if anyone wants to let me spin i am more than willing ariel
  12. Norman Cook

    Is anyone going to make it out to the museum to check out fatboy next wednesday. i really dont want to be stuck with a bunch of kids. Im so virgin to this scene, the venue sounds great its no rabbit or van helden but i figure with the right crowd it might be able to get turned out. let me know. ariel
  13. new to the coast, and new to this group. Tranplant from Miami. Going to be at the meet up 8ish
  14. June 26 (Looking for a Crazy Time)

    Hey i am coming in to town from Naples with some friends celebraing birthdays and just to have a good time on the weekend of the 26 and i am just putting an ear to the ground in anticipation to see if i can get hooked up with any friendly favors from sum friendly heads that know friends because i have moved out of miami for more than 5 years now and been married and divorced since then so my connections haved faded i signed up to this at WMC and met some cool people at the booth at ULTRA this year so i was hoping that something would fall into place. good times. Ariel.
  15. New to clubplanet and what a better time to make my introduction than my 4th Ultra. See you guys around 3 or 4. I’ll be the one from Naples.