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  1. winny vs. test proponate

    I hope your aware that you have to shoot Test Prop ED preferably or def at least EOD. You probablly are a novice aas user and should start witha longer acting test such as cypionate, or sustanon, enthanate etc.
  2. The most amazing CockBlock!

    I was on vacation as a senior in Highschool (senior week) We met some gorgeous girls and me and my friend were out partying with them. It was about 3am and we were all getting ready to sleep being that weve been drinking all day. So we take them back to our hotel were another friend is drunk as fuck. We get up to the room and he is in the room breaking shit and screaming. We are able to hear him from the hallway. We ask him to shut up and go to another room and he goes on a fit how If hes not getting laid no one is. No one is having sex in his hotel room blah blah. The girls got scared of him and ran away. He's been nicknamed the UCB for the last 4 years. Ultimate Cock Block
  3. I live my life like...[Fill in the blank]

    I live my life like Johnny Toxic. For you who dont know who Johnny Toxic is. He is the owner of Toxic Productions. He fucks chicks in dumpsters. How do you live your life? to Johnny Toxic.
  4. do not......

    Blendprod.. What store do you own/ work at?
  5. Gyms in Miami Beach

    Where does everyone go? I want to find a pretty good one thats not to expensive. Any suggestions? I need to get back in shape.. Ive officially become a drunk.. wait.. is that a bad thing?
  6. Bangin' Hip Hop Mix CD!

    Agree.. The tape sucks
  7. Taking T3...

    If ya wanna lose weight that bad. Take some DNP for 2 weeks. That should be enough.
  8. Frankie or Okie

  9. Attn: Mystify22

    Is this weird or is it just me?
  10. What Do You Wear?

    My bad. I just have it saved in my favorites. I hate malls also, But the only bad part is making sure they fit right. I have an athletic build so I need different sizes of like every shirt or they will be to tight on my shoulders.
  11. capris for guys???

    Bro, If you dont care what any of us think. Why did you ask?
  12. capris for guys???

    Dude, Capris on guys are gay. Wait are you gay? If so its OK.. A/X and Deisel has nothing to do with it.
  13. enzo

    Boy, What i would do for that car
  14. everyone rank your favorite!!!!!!

    Favorite: Least Fav: Crack