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  1. hey idiots you trying to make NY dead???

    whatever i aint trying to start beef on a computer,I have a life so think what you want. im happy with myself.Just cause you aint happy and probably never will be that isnt my problem.
  2. Lemme ask you guys are a question,Are you trying to kill off all of ny's clubs? That is what is definitly happening slowly but surely.if this keeps up withing a few years we will have nowhere left to go except bars.Granted i did ALOT of drugs when i was younger,but i didnt do them stupidly.Like someone said in an earlier post,the G and METH are killing it real quick.When it was just ecstacy,noone really ever od'ed.Very rare if anything.Plus everyone was always happy and more energetic and made for a way better crowd.Back then the clubs were closer to a 50/50 ratio of people who are on drugs and not on drugs,but now when i go out it seems like 90% of the club is fucked up on drugs.Dam yo drink all night or just pop one pill,not like 5 pills sniff a few jars of k,or any other ridiclous amount of shit.You guys look digusting in clubs puking everywhere,falling all over the place.Plus i dont think im great looking or anything,but 90%ofthe time i go out, i dress up nice.Nowadays alot of the people look like trash.Reminds me of Tunnel crowd near the end.Now thats sad but true.It amazes me:confused:
  3. Carl Cox @ Avalon

    Thats cause the rave scene is totally dead so BTS has nowhere to go so now theyre gonna start going to clubs to hear their dj's and smoke mad dust.Dam its a shame.I love the rave scene but the dust has gotta go yo
  4. AnYone got Spirit info

    Going tonight for a party.How much are drinks,how's security,ANd especially hows the sound system.Leaving soon so someone help me out.Thanxs.Later:confused:
  5. Im so there.Cant wait to see the space either>Used to go there back in the day once in awhile.all i'm hearing is good thing about it to plus i wouldnt miss that lineup for anything in the world.cant wait
  6. Tunnel was good way back in the days im talking like 93 i started going there and it was good till probably around when dt left.when junior was there, that was definitly the Tunnels peak time cause Peter actually gave a shit about his club then.Such a shame that club went down the way it did.Scarred all the Ny clubs for quite a while.Now it seems like its all finally coming back instead of just one choice a week if that to go to.
  7. crobar saturdays...

    yep.Still in freaking shock that he's the door guy.Ahhh the good old days...........
  8. Anyone have any idea about ticket prices?I think its free but im not sure any help ??