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  1. Howells

    Hi, Im fred Wilson. Do we know each other???
  2. attention stymie

    Kaydup, stop voting with FSN's!
  3. Flavalon tonight ROLLCALL!

  4. 411: Busted!

    I dont know what you are talking about.
  5. So fucking sick today:

  6. When will the wedding be?

  7. When will the wedding be?

    I now pronouce you, RIS FOR LIFE, you may take your pills.
  8. Lunch Poll:

    How metrosexual of you.
  9. What have I done at work so far this week???

    Bridget Sick!
  10. Sullivan Room NYC 4/9

    Do they got a hip-hop room up in this mutha?
  11. For The Ladies

    I want to bang Stymieeeeeeeee!
  12. It's FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. AOL Instant messanger

    I concur.
  14. Attn: Denise

    Check em.