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  1. Getting to the city

    Your Myspace profile says your from New Rochelle. Which Bridge do you take?
  2. I heared Tenaglia wants to make everyone take a multiple choice test to see how much they know about house music to see if thy are worty of a night of classics!
  3. Tony Draper = DJ Opa Jonathan Peters = Jonnie Style Boris = Boris Nobody spins like Boris he is so untouchable!
  4. Stylez in the Chapel

    Tell the kid to lay off the EFX 500 he sounds he has to learn how to mix chocolate milk before he mixes beats! You people really throw shit on the tide!
  5. Ferry Corsten @ Crobar, Fri 12/9

    I hope you get Aids
  6. Nation Roll Call

    I heared they are doing 2 parties this weekend Woot And now they have open bar THANK YOU NATION!!!!!
  7. Nation This Week?

    Thanks! it was nice meeting alot of people last week expecially rudeboyyouth, and dakjohnson
  8. Nation This Week?

    who is spinning.... matt?
  9. NATION this past Friday (10/8)

    It's FRIDAY
  10. Clubs on L.I.

    Nation, but it's on friday nights! It's in levittown on hempsted turnpike House music all night
  11. Come on all you LI peeps, whos coming out for Boris
  12. HK review from friday .....

    Shawn Ink & V-Tone Huh way to roll out the All Stars! Shawn Ink is one of the poorest excuses for a DJ ive ever heared.
  13. i got there mad early and the opening Dj was killing it someone told me he was on twisted records rob james and richie santana fuckin rocked it too the music was on point as usual and these guys prove when ever they do a party that they are superior to other club nights, cant wait till next week
  14. Thank You God! Rik Santiago Richie Santana & Rob James my friend just told me. this party is fuckin awsome everytime these guys do a party it's quality too!
  15. Last Night (Friday) @ IKON

    I was there last night and Ill tell you the crappy little hip hop room blew! They had this fat umpa lumpa midget with his burnt CD's playing hip hop. The outside Skylounge was cool though, the music was much better up there than in that little room. the main room peaked at about 1:00 Rob James was throwin it down. Ive heard him before but this time he was rockin it. Then at about 1:45 some kid went on and cleared the floor, they should have let Rob spin all night. Matt is right though with time this could be a cool party