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  1. who was the 1st House DJ you heard?

    The Loft! my gosh! never been,but went after it was named the Choice,where I had some good times there,use to go there straight from work,which was at Studio 54,leaving the Choice in the afternoon,took me like forever to get home,which was like four blocks.....lol!
  2. who was the 1st House DJ you heard?

    Thank you.I plan on writing my memoirs about my life,growing up Gay and the party scene,be nice to have it published,have so much to tell. The party scene back then was amazing,Junior Vasquez at Basline 1987,Larry Levan Paradise Garage 1980-87.
  3. who was the 1st House DJ you heard?

    first houes club was better days.1980 first dj was T SCOTT. 1980
  4. and for the life of me I can't remember what songs she performed,she came on stage,waved to the crowd,which I have to say they went wild.lot of girls that night that never been to Roxy before,and were annoying as shit too.Best part was the music,DJ Paulo threw dowm some Tribal Beats,overall had a blast.
  5. JP @ Roxy Review

    There version of "Deep" is different.They get confused,JP gets in his mood and he plays alot of instrumental traxx,with a fierce beat,they call that "Deep"I call it "Progressive House" or PnP(POTS&PAN).
  6. Lol!!!! I'll pass through there,my boy works security there,I'll hear all the details Saturday nite at Roxy. The police and private ambulances will be on stand by.
  7. Roxy Friday/Saturday at the S&M party. Let the DRAMA begin.
  8. Anthem 3?

    9 cd set.......can't wait. due date sometime during the summer.
  9. Satoshi Tomiie Fans out here?

    I agree,the first time I heard him live was back in 1996 at the Sound Factory.However I live for his Nubreed cd.
  10. LOL! you'll making sense,had plans to go but somehow I took a nap last night well u know,I woke up 10:30 this morning.....grrrrrr
  11. anyone know if jr. is still @ spirit

    It's spreading like wildfire.
  12. clubs that play mainly House music?

    The Shelter and Roxy