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  1. Congrats to DJFX

    its really really awesome.. I play those tracks on my PC a lot. definately got some skillz there...
  2. What are you listening to right now?

    gackt - Vanilla (mars version)
  3. My Ultra pics

    wow... you were close by then.. I went to that tommy lee thing, and watched him mess the set up... then get this: he takes the dumb drum and hands it to the crowd...to play along?!?!? wow...if there was anyone who didnt belong there, it definately would have to be tommy lee.
  4. Ultra 6 Pictures Added ----------~~

    I think he was reffering to "PVD's rock the vote tour"....maybe... He sure didnt rock my vote in any way shape or form. This being my first Ultra, I had to say, I was never bored...and never dissatisfied. I got to see chem brothers (front row) so, I mean I got what I wanted out of it, plus got to hear a lot of different stuff I havent ever heard of. was awesome, and I cant wait for Ultra 7.
  5. Wmc Pics!!!!!!!!!!!

    I met up with fliptoniaaa and themrs at ultra with alienbeat. Very nice people, can't wait to hit up more clubs and meet more CPers..