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  1. 18 year old missing girl found dead..

    a police officer from my town who was at the scence. this happened a few blocks from my house
  2. 18 year old missing girl found dead..

    one thing the news didn't report was that she was decapitated. a cop in my town told me that the father didn't want the media to say this. horrible thing that happened
  3. anybody know of any list that giving comp b4 12 tonite?
  4. Pachita Friday - Special One off

    18+ or 21+?
  5. NJ/NYC Car Clubs

    I was thinking of starting a car club or joining one in the NJ/NYC area. I'm from northern NJ and recently bought a 2005 Honda Civic. I'm hooking it up piece by piece and when its done it will be a sick ride. I'm planning on using it as a show car entering it in man car shows such as HIN and Import Circuit. I wanted to see if anyone want to be in a car club with me or can direct me towards one in my area. I have a couple of friends that are interested in doing this. I'm just looking for more people that share the same passion for cars/imports as i do. So either reply to this post or PM me.
  6. Happy V-Day

    happy valentines day to all fellow cpers. Enjoy you day today. hopefully you won't be like me and don't have a valentine for today:banghead: . lol owell
  7. My Cousin Rue will be on MTV :)

    I'm so excited
  8. Ikon aka Exit

    um.. but nulife usually takes over the main room. so idk
  9. Stabbing at Avalon

    i was there last nite. place was full of azns. was a couple of fights inside that i saw. must of been the south koreans vs the north koreans
  10. Ikon aka Exit

    Ok I'm just wondering about nye. Why is there two different parties hosted at ikon/exit the pvd playstation thing and the nulife thing. http://www.nulifeentertainment.com/index.pl/events_fridays#128 http://www.newyears.com/party.asp?id=614
  11. Latin women..........

    wat ever happened to talking about latin women
  12. Check Out the Ass on this Hot Babe

  13. Dream

    yeah next to the wall greens. well they not always have house only on certain days. but i think they always have different djs doing thier thing. it's a nice spot to chill and hang out