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  1. i cant come this week ill be hittin the books all weekend cause i already got 2 exams next week
  2. LOL im kidding silly.. i went to go run to lionel the other day and i slipped on ice and busted ass... i mean like both legs out from under me, whole body up in the air, and landed spat on the concrete. mike had to clean up my arm cause it was bleeding and now today it is barely bending and my knee and ribs are completly bruised and swollen....
  3. hate to break it to ya travolta but i dont think thats gonna cut it!!
  4. its my new mating call.... i hear that guys think its sexy when they see a chick's splattered body parts all over the ground... something about gushing blood being a complete turn-on..
  5. that depends... u'll have to audition for me first
  6. any way u can make some of that lovin heal my hurtin body??.... diving into the concrete has left me brusied and swollen
  7. i got my "1-2 STEP" all ready for friday... hehehe
  8. LMAO... check out the NJG board ... i posted that b4 i read this ...
  9. gotta love the double posts..
  10. real birthday isnt til monday so i have til then to compose my sonnet!!!!!!! hehe saturday is gonna be banannas!!!!!
  11. Club Flight 1/14/05

    bounce now, hands up, you know how we do....... we make the club jump everywhere we go......