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  1. Costume party on Oct 29th?

    Do you know if the DJ's listed for RA that Friday are Hip Hop/House? Also, I may be interested in Tangerine but am a little concerned about the possible cost. RA wasn't too $$$... what's Tangerine and 2 bottles gunna run us?
  2. Costume party on Oct 29th?

    Thanks again for the info and I may take you up on the hook up at RA but I'm not sure what kinda music DJ Fashen and DJ Felli Fel play. Aren't they more Hip Hop and R&B? I'm looking for something more on the trance to progressive side. let me know what you think.
  3. Costume party on Oct 29th?

    Thanks for the advice. Any idea if Ra has anything good goin that night? I'm thinking of getting bottle service if so. What are your thoughts?
  4. Costume party on Oct 29th?

    Coming into town with a group of friends over Halloween weekend. Ideally we would like to go out Friday night and dress in costume and take it easier on Saturday night. Any good club happenings Friday the 29th where we can get our groove on (dance club) and wear costumes? Also may be looking for VIP. Any recommendations are appreciated!