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  1. Hip-Hop in Miami

    awesome~ i haven't ever really been to any big parties at all i'm def out of the loop but i did end up finding a good hip hop club on fri... Mansion got lucky enough to get picked in the line to go in instead of waiting til 1am thank goodness. had lots of fun but it was a looooong drive home lol thx to everyone whodropped a useful comment!
  2. Hip-Hop in Miami

    i'm actually from Ft Lauderdale but don't know much about Miami's nightlife. This site is sort of like my guide in a way lol and i like the new stuff comin out and of course the old stuff, but even r&b, i'm all about the rhythm... bc that's what i hear first. I really like the reggae hiphop combo though always gets to me thanks again
  3. Hip-Hop in Miami

    mmmk thx i'm new to the whole thread ordeal and the clubs i've been looking at seem more techno and house but thanks again b:
  4. Hip-Hop in Miami

    What are some hot clubs that play mostly hiphop in SoBe on Saturdays?? Some techno is cool but I perfer hiphop Sad to say I've lived in Ft Lauderdale all my life and idk anything about the big hip hop clubs in SoBe especially. thx <3
  5. b/w