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  1. I personally think Ridell is a spineless fuck. but that is just me...
  2. bons bday roll call djais in 2 weeks

    Bon your fat,, end of story,, I own you.. little chubby guido...
  3. djais good times yesterday

    Next time I go to Djai's I am going to find bon and put another hole in his chest... By the way your puttin on some pounds. And that shirt at SG the other night,, all you needed was a mustache and a big hat and you could have been a Muskaqueer. And listen next time I ask for VIP cards and you give me 5,, I will take the rest and rape you! Further more, that bald fuck and his crew will NOT be permitted in the place when I am there,, bonsolid, sounds like under arm deoderant..
  4. so I started a new diet

    Kosta,, a diet wil not help your physique,, as you know this is my field and it is my professional opinion that you have the body of a 60 year old man. but look on the bright side,,,, you can keep your shirt on.
  5. Jenks and DJAI'S under estimated

    Yes Jill's coming,, I will see you there..
  6. Jenks and DJAI'S under estimated

    Kosta lets keep this real,, really real,, I was banging hotties in the ice cooler of Temps before any of you knew what a club was. I also use to abuse Guidos on a daily basis.. Taking your shirts off was punishable by a beating and getting thrown into the street. There was no mandatory fighting fine in Seaside,, Eugene and Temps ruled the strip and Temps VIP cards could sell for $500 a season. You could NOT get into the joint after 12am unless I said and cases of Moet, Crystal were sold not water to all the X heads. Then Sunday Jam at the Surf,,, ruled,, no better.. The bouncing crew was 20 deep and NO ONE was under 250,, NOT one juice head said a word in fear of his limbs being ripped off and worn around are necks as trophies.. As for the hotties, well lets just say that you and your bald head could have only been used as a dildo to fuck yourself.. game, what game,,like I said maybe Pictionary. But those days are over and I get great enjoyment out of all you retards... But remember I still have the belt,, you can find me in da club.... Going to Circa Saturday,, you stopn by?????? Oh by the way would you get ass if you did not be a promoter/ door guy at Merge/ Circa etc.. answer.. YES by the Jenks chicks.. LMFAO
  7. Jenks and DJAI'S under estimated

    All bithces are easy sooner or later. Hey Bon gets laid,, go figure! By the way did you see how much weight Bon is putting on,,soon his feet won't get wet in the shower.. As for fights at Jenks,, I have seen better fights between clay figures on Celeberty Death Match.. Please...... Kosta you have game?? what Pictionary?
  8. Jenks and DJAI'S under estimated

    MrCHOOPA2u No I like this forum for now,,, I am bored of the insignificant population on NJGuido, plus I get great entertainment out of all the new club heads in this forum,, so be nice that is good advice.
  9. Jenks and DJAI'S under estimated

    Kosta,, LMAO,, no I am not comparing the girls all I am saying is that there would be a better chance of "nerd like" dudes hooking in other spots like Jenks,, So what your saying Kosta is that DJ'S Bon's palace has ugly girls,, Oh shit that is why he does well.
  10. Jenks and DJAI'S under estimated

    Thirdly, if a guy is ugly, how would it increase his chances of getting laid if the broads at Jenks or Djais are not on "E" or "K" Simple these girls are in the same place on the evolutionary scale as the dudes,, birds of a feather flock together. Lets keep it real if your a ugly dude the top 3 ways of getting ass are,, whore house, yourself or a drunk chick at Jenks or DJ'S.
  11. For all you club heads there is life after Temps and Merge,, first of all does any one go to Merge???? Second for all you dudes who score a 4 or 5 on a scale of 10, these two places are packed with women who will not venture into the Seaside Club nightlife. Your chances getlemen are much higher hooking up with these ladies than convincing yourself that you might hook with a hottie in Temps or Merge.. Lets face it guys and you know who you are, if your not hitting a good cycle of GH or test, anadrol etc. and do not drive a top 10 guido mobile and have no tribal art tats than you are already in the lower part of the food chain. Plus your spending so much money on ass by buying drinks that you should have invested in Enron your chances would be greater. I am just keeping it real, try another stop like Jenks, DJ'S etc. where the girls are still hot and are not fucked up on E, K 24 7. You chances become greater.. Stop kidding yourselfs or go get some plastic surgery. I have spoken. Or you can be a moderate club promoter with a shaved head who can get you into Merge for nothing and cut you the line then you can get laid without good looks,,,,LMAO, but that job is already taken....
  12. Now is George supposed to be making drinks strong for his Circa boys are is he following the proper pour critiera set by Eugene to all bartenders,, because last time I was there my vodka and crans had no fucking liquor in them you cheap fuck George,, that is ok Kosta I will just bar jack his station and make my own drinks,,,, you Circa trader,, Benadick Circa,,, I will be at Circa on Saturday who wants some.
  13. Rydell is a rat,,, who hides behind I am a good guy routine.. I am the big cat who will kill the rat.... and all his rat friends,, Anthony,, etc... Word of advice to all,,, never fuck with a best friend espcially when he can fuck back 1000 times better and there is nothing you or any one can do about it..
  14. Saturday Sound Garden kiss asses

    Hey SGarden2002 I heard there is a really good forum in 45 and older chats,,,, lmao,, you can never bust my balls again.
  15. Sound Garden kiss asses part 2

    No,, tonight is my first time,, get the Red Bull an V' ready... see ya later