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  1. WuTang Clan ain't nothing to fuck wit!

    Since we're on the topic of the early 90's hip hop let me bless you guys Juice. Eric B and Rakim (1991) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNBjKWV65Qc "And who's gonna take the weight" GANGSTARR (1990) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FmDp87ggY0 And of course who can forget "Streets of New York" KOOL G RAP & DJ POLO(1990) Oh no!! Scenario!! By Tribe called quest and Leaders of the new school(1991) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UKGWAYS4ZyI Soul Clap by Showbiz and AG, true underground Giants(1991) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHRjz3_OpME Fat Pockets (Remix) Showbiz and AG(1992) . Every underground hip hop station in NY was playing this at the time I remember it oh so vividly. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ct_7mC6PCg "Slow down" by brand Nubian(1990) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TeXLOxYx8pU "Symphony" Marly Marl, Big Daddy Kane, Craig G, Masta Ace, and Kool G rap Classic!! On that note let's see how many of you remember this. Before Nas went commercial, when he was known as Nasty Nas. Halftime" By Nasty Nas(1992) Wu tang was cool, but they were far from the best. True old school NYC hip hop heads that listened to underground hip hop know that groups like Black Moon, Showbiz and AG,Brand Nubian, the Arsonists, Natural Elements, and Company Flow got way more respect than WUTANG in the underground and on the street. WU was actually considered "commercial" by the purists and diehards at the time. The more albums Wu tang came out with the more watered down and commercial they became. Every kid in the suburbs started yelling WuTang!! Once that happens you lose all street cred. In NYC when you walk into a circle of diehards, and you mention that Hot97 is your hip hop station of choice you get laughed at. The true fans don't listen to the junk hot97 plays, they listen to the underground stations. On a more positive note. For those of you that actually listen to and appreciate lyrics and not only the beat: The Genius is one of the most talented MCs from that crew. Not necessarily the the best flow but as far as subject matter and depth he was the best one. Raekwon has a rapid fire flow with ok subject matter Ghostface, has a sick addictive flow but... Try making sense out of what he says, he makes no sense at all. RZA has very complex rhymes but with a choppy below par delivery. Inspectah Deck grabs the mic and straight up abuses it, lights it on fire and send it back home to mom. He's in a dead tie with Genius as far a my favorite MC from that crew. ODB-Garbage. No lyrical skill whatsoever. I can't believe they let him rhyme on the albums Method Man- Nice flow, and raw appeal but to be honest not much lyrical dexterity. Nuff said, true hip hop fans know the deal.
  2. Check it...

    I second that. At a certain point in time, a long time ago we never had to pay taxes. After the Boston Tea Party, everything hit the fan, and we, the people caused it believe it or not. I don't have time to go into details, you guys are online, research it.
  3. Check it...

    We pay taxes on our income because the government automatically takes them out of our paychecks and do not give us an option to do otherwise. The wealthy corporations do have options. They have endless loopholes that the Uncle Sam permits them to use by virtue of their financial power in this land. They are able to defer paying taxes, re-invest and pay later. Quoting Bill Maher "Corporations are entirely too powerful in this great country of ours" But here's the kicker, there are some things even Corporations, as powerful as they are... Don't know. What most of us are unaware of though, and I suspect even a good chunk of even the wealthy in this country are not aware of, is that there are LEGAL ways to not pay taxes. And you will not go to Jail...Ever. I know people that are doing it now. This might sound like gibberish but it is true. Tedious process but it is definitely possible. That's right I said it, we are not obligated to pay taxes. Not one red cent. But obviously like any secret that can empower the people the government would never want you to know. This is top secret classified information only known by a very select few. Before any of you criticize, do your research, you will fall upon it and understand why. I don't have time to go into details or argue, research it. Then come and talk to me.
  4. Shame on you Mansion

    Now, Ladies and Gentlemen... Those of you who know me well, are all too aware that I speak my mind and pull no punches. I have not posted in ages due to my hectic schedule; but when I was made aware of this incident, I was more than frustrated and disgusted. I absolutely had to make time to post this. This is a lack of professionalism to the highest degree and all ladies who frequent this venue should be forewarned. I am posting this due to a horrific experience a lady friend of mine and a group of her girlfriends experienced at Mansion. Shame on the security staff, as well as upper management for allowing this insanity. Now these are not my words, this is exactly what happened as she describes it in the following paragraph. Avoid Mansion. The security staff is evil... Recently my girls and I went to Mansion nightclub. We had a great time! We had a VIP table and 10 of my closest friends and family danced the night away. As the night progressed, my friend felt a bit overwhelmed with the music and lights and asked me to join her for a breath of fresh air. We proceeded to the exit and was told if we left, we couldn't come back in. Understanding we went to the bar for a cup of cold water. Another security officer came to us and asked if she wanted to sit down and have him bring her a bottle of water? Obviously she took him on his offer. He took her on his arm and escorted her out. I followed. After what seemed like a maze of long corridors and rooms, we ended up in a room with 5 bouncers and a couch. The only light that lit the room was in the hallway entrance. They asked us for our ID's. My friend showed them hers, and i told them that i had left mine at my table. They said I had to have an ID to be in that room, and that I would have to go back to get it. I obviously told them that I wasn't going to leave my friend there alone so I grabbed her and started to walk out. A bald headed black man stood in my way and told me I now couldn't leave. The rule was that once you entered that room, you couldn't leave. Which to me didn't make sense since they initially asked me to leave and return with ID. I argued that and the man told me to sit down. I told him to get out of my way, that we were brought into this room thinking it was a place where my friend could rest her mind for a second and that my family (my mom and sister) were at our table waiting for us. He pushed me back and i told him not to touch me. I tried my hardest to get through him but he kept pushing me back and even went so far as pushing his elbow into my throat. They kept saying we were intoxicated and couldn't leave, which wasn't true. The situation became worse when Officer Elmore (badge # 467) did nothing to help us. They wouldn't let us back in, they would notify my parents or family, and left us outside to figure out what to do next. I even begged the police officer to help us find my mother and he told us he couldn't do anything and left. That room is a place where they take girls and only girls who are extremely intoxicated. Fortunately for us, we were both coherant and couldn't take advantage of us, which is probably what set them off and made them so upset. I am asking all the women to please be careful and if at all avoid going to that club. They have been known for this kind of treatment and i never thought it would happen to me. But these people feed off of girls who are vulnerable and not in the company of other men. Party Safe! and spread the word of Mansion nightclub! Shame on you Mansion!!
  5. nocturnal was...

    As far as I can remember, Roland always starts off his sets at 4 am with some soulful deep house and moves into the funky and harder stuff later on around 5:30 -6. He's been like that since the space days. and that's what sets him apart from all the other locals. He builds up the tempo nice and smoothly, so seamlessly that you hardly notice when he stops playing deep house. He "warms" you up then hurts you you. The thing is most people that are reading this now only get to Nocturnal around 6 am and by that time he is already playing funkier stuff. It's all about the buildup baby!!! 8)
  6. Happy Birthday Diaga!!!

    Happy b-day kid!! 8)
  7. Barack Obama for Prez!

    Isn't this the fuctard from Denver that said Miami is like a 3rd world country? Miami is a third world country You just don't see it because you live on the beach which doesn't count.
  8. WMC 2007 Calender

    No Am [email protected] Nocturnal? No loco [email protected] NOC like last year? wtf???
  9. Roland Afterhous @ Nocturnal

    Oh yeah..No doubt about that. The Space patio hasn't been the same since he left. Anybody remember the Roland Marathon at Space in '04? Still fresh in my memory
  10. Thank you Sir. You Get it For instance let's take Jose-Antonio, the latin macho mortgage broker with an ego bigger than Dolphin stadium who makes $200k a year with the $200 shirt(hairy chest), $300 jeans, $800 alligator shoes(no socks), $20,000 Rolex Presidential watch, thousands worth of jewelry driving a BMW 760I which costs him $2500 a month not including insurance and has a mortgage of $6000, is scrambling just to keep up with his lavish lifestyle. While the wealthy guy whos OWNS the the Firm Jose-Antonio works for drives the same car . What's wrong with this picture? Which one do you think is sleeping well at night?
  11. How do you go broke after winning the lotto? It happens all the time. Because the general public as a whole does not understand money, the economy and how it works. That's because in school they give you all the tools to be a good employee, but do not teach you anything about money, how to be frugal, how to invest, the power of compound interest etc... I can go on and on... The only way to remain wealthy is to have a solid foundation on how to live frugally. Without control and knowledge you can have all the money in the world and still go broke eventually. The truly wealthy know how to control their spending and decrease their expenses, so therefore they are left with more to invest. They don't spend their money foolishly. I talk to millionaires all day, you be surprised, most of the time you can't even tell they're loaded by looking at them, until they buy a $3000 bottle of wine and laugh it off. The thing is, relatively speaking, the wealthy guy spending 3k on a bottle would be the equivalent of one of us spending $3 on a gatorade. That's where people get confused. People THINK they can afford something because they have the money in the bank to do so. HAVING the money and being able to AFFORD something are two DIFFERENT things. A lawyer making 150K a year who tries to spend the same amount on a bottle of wine to impress his friends is a fool and will never be wealthy, on the contrary he will always be in a rat race to catch up with his bills. He has the money to buy it, but can he afford it ? NO he cannot,but he thinks he can. That's the difference between the wealthy and everybody else, and why they remain wealthy.
  12. No way, that chick is rolling balls. she looks like she is in a state of euphoria. Holy shit that is funny OMG...
  13. ahhh Barbarino gets no love... HAPPY BIRTHDAY SALEEN!

    Happy B-day you Domestic Lover
  14. Welcome ClubChicky27

    Welcome Chicky!!