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  1. Temps Classics.... Not Classic At All

    Oh yeah and all you people that think the music was good then your all fuckin retarded.
  2. Temps Classics.... Not Classic At All

    Ready2role you are giving tettos to much credit. The music that he played was so fuckin horriblle i was ready to puke. I had a good time just cuz me and all my friends were there. Denny needs to retire already cuz he sucks and if he ever does another classics night he should take lessons from JP.
  3. underground rave at SF

    Sound Factory Forever No Place Ever Threw Partys Like Factory Did It Was The Best Club Ever. Maybe Lime Light And Tunnel Came A Little Close But Factory Was The Best And If I Had Money I Would Buy It And Try To Make It Like The Old Day
  4. And also u all are going to tell me other djs dont use shit? Of course they do every dj that spins in NY is just as big of a crackhead as jp
  5. You know what! all you JP haters that say you used to like him can go suck a phat one. Once a fan always a fan. Big fuckin deal the feds are on to the big time after hour partys. I know that stupid ass crackheads that dont know how to keep control of them selves are ruining it for everyone but you cant blame Johnny. Sooner or later it will be every club and dj that the same shit will happen to. All I got to say is that no one threw partys like JP. You cant beat a classics night, S&M night, or even the best underwear parties that anyone ever threw. I dont care what all you JP haters say. JP is the Fuckin best
  6. A real Black review....

    You know what I just wish all this shit was like the old days at the factory in 1999 and 2000. There is to much bullshit going around with all these feds trying to shut johnny down. The sad part is that i didnt even get in on sat because i didnt follow the dress code. I will be very pissed of if i dont see johnny spinning at black next week just because of some idiots who cant handle there shit
  7. bullshit

    Yeah you guys are right should of new she was going to be like that. I had no idea that there was a dress code. At least i will know for nect time
  8. bullshit

    Does anyone know if Black will be opened again next week and if they are having a dress code again.
  9. bullshit

    ok guys see you next time. try next week with my suit
  10. bullshit

    All the times i supported jp and sf and miami and they dont let me in today because im wering a shirt that says fcuk
  11. bullshit

    yeah i know thanks for your supprot that shit was fuckin crazy today
  12. bullshit

    i will wear a fuckin tux nect time
  13. bullshit

    the dumb bitch that was working the door looked like witch anyway and she told me i cant get in
  14. bullshit

    i dont care you guys are right. I was looking forward to see my man but they fd me. next week i will wear my suit just to see jp.