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  1. There was no reason for us to go into Iraq with the evidence we had. There are alot more stronger and threatening situations than the nonsense stated in the reasons to go in IRAQ. Now their attempt to democracy is going to be our problem. In all honesty, Saddam was not as much a threat as stated. While we are at it, why don't we go after IRAN and No. Korea. We'll just leave the issues in the Sudan alone being there's no money to be made there and no immediate threat. Thanks for listening.
  2. Hope he does another weekend over and really hits hard!! Don't wanna have to wait for the Conference.
  3. He purchased NV down in Miami. Whenever he's in town, I'm there. Can't wait for the music conference!!!
  4. leevin queens @ 2 for the feel. club @ 3 ish tenag @ 4. wen things begin to start kikin in cioa
  5. I was thinkin wen to go..for tenag....
  6. oh, u think dis will run till 8 or so