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  1. 2manydjs

    i noticed that 2manydjs are playing wed night at the nokia theater (before lcd soundsystem). i saw them a while back in the uk and although my memory is pretty hazy i think they were pretty good. anyone seen them recently?
  2. Ultra Reviews!!!!!!!

    ok so it wasn't as wasn't as well staged as a european festival, the tents were hot and the beer line was long. the fact that i could see a lineup like this on a friday afternoon in central park made it all worthwhile. hope they can build on it for next year.
  3. Ultra Set Times?????

    i still want to know where they are going to put the two tents. even if they take the aluminum seats down you could barely fit a booth into that space.
  4. Ultra Ny ?

    they mean live (keyboards etc) instead of just dj'ing.
  5. Ultra Ny ?

    if its like the summerstage events or the pvd one a couple of weeks ago in that same location there will be beer, wine and megalines at the port-a-johns. what i want to know is where they are going to fit the "3 arenas" mentioned in the press release. the space seems barely big enough for the one stage already there.
  6. Ultra 6 VIP Review for 2004

    I agree with Brian 151%. I think the Ultra people put on the best one day event in the US, but I'm not sure the extra money for the VIP was worth it. Maybe when I regain use of all of my brain cells I'll figure it out.