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  1. gotta how 2 question

    I'll post some picture when we get back from Ft. Worth Sunday Thanks
  2. What's the oldest

    Didn't anyone ever teach you don't knock before you try it?
  3. gotta how 2 question

    I (F) am14 years older that my partner (M), he want to have is first and wants to find another girl on his own for the grand event anyone have any suggestions for him on how to find/invite someone
  4. What's the oldest

    He was 72 6'2" and every muscle in this body was rock HARD and he had the stamina of an 18 year old (this was 25 years before viagra) his escorts one redhead one blond were probably in their mid to late 20's :3some:lucky girls. I was 18 that was 26 years ago and I still get wet thinking about that night with them:D