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  1. Whats The Date For Nocturnal?

    from what ive heard, stryke is not 100% and if he is, it wont be the main room.
  2. two words: spell check
  3. stop the FCC..and the CP moderators !!

    if the shoe fits wear it, i guess.....
  4. come on guys...somebody has to say something about the deleted threads and posts..... i am in full support of moving threads to drama if they are threads filled with "drama" ..but, come one if there is going to be one rule, make it a OBJECTIVE RULE THAT APPLIES TO ALL POSTS NOT A SUBJECTIVE RULE THAT APPLIES SOMETIMES TO SOME PEOPLE.. the deletion of post all together is censorship plain and simple...this is a public forum. what is being created is a situation where a certain person or group of persons is deciding what is appropriate for all and that certainly defies the spirit of freedom of expression and supports communism and censorship.. think about it.
  5. Mia Lounge review thread

    always a plus when support is given to the locals...big ups to mrmiami and eric